Athletes Council

At ARIIX, we are unfailingly committed to providing safe, pure, and effective supplements catering to the nutritional needs of athletes—our consumers with the highest level of nutritional demands. Our Athletes Council is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who broaden our understanding of this important market.


Werner Berger_US_SQ
Werner Berger
Werner Berger, producer of the movie Back from The Edge, is best known for being the Guinness Book of World Records holder as the oldest person to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents (including Mt. Everest). He is also an ardent supporter of health and wellness, even taking people on high altitude adventure hikes despite being well into his eighties. Mr. Berger credits his vitality to a balanced life of exercise and regular use of the high-quality dietary supplements offered only by ARIIX.
Wally Joyner

Mr. Joyner played for four Major League Baseball teams in his 16-year all-star career, most notably for the California Angels. He was a member of the pennant-winning 1998 San Diego Padres and is currently the hitting coach for the Detroit Tigers. Mr. Joyner is equally at-ease in the spotlight and boardroom, saying: “With ARIIX, I saw an opportunity to have a positive effect on both business and the world of baseball, and even in life in general. I appreciate this opportunity to share a potentially life-changing and life-improving business opportunity with others.”

Mary DeLay, M. Ed.

Ms. DeLay is the third women’s coach in history to be inducted into the University of Washington’s Hall of Fame. Inducted in 2008, she was honored for her accomplishments as the Women’s Tennis Coach after she and her team set a record for matches won. Her current focus, she tells us, “is to target athlete groups of all ages, both recreational and elite, with education and nutritional solutions including products within the ARIIX brands, to maintain health, return health, and avoid or slow down the degenerative disease process, to allow them to develop their talents at peak potential.”

Gavin Espinosa

A world-renowned martial arts expert and 6th-Degree Master, Mr. Espinosa says: “What excites me about being a member of the Wellness Council for ARIIX is the opportunity to take part in the formulation of health products and services within the fitness and wellness industries. As a fitness expert in my community, I seek to incorporate fitness as a lifestyle for the whole family. Being part of this amazing team of visionaries and leaders who desire to change the industry for long-term quality health will enable me to continue these efforts on a grander scale.”

Brian Cha

As a published author, master trainer and sports nutritionist, Mr. Cha works with corporations and individuals, including many of Hong Kong’s biggest celebrities, to create healthier lifestyles. His career in health and wellness began in 1997 when he graduated from the Nutrition Department of Hawaii University. Mr. Cha maintains a well-rounded health portfolio as a guest speaker on several radio shows and a columnist for many large publications, including Harper’s BAZAAR, Esquire, Golfaguru and Modern Weekly.

Rui Ludovino_WEB
Rui Ludovino

Rui Ludovino is a record-holding Judo champion. He represented Portugal as a member of the National Team for over 10 years and as an Olympic athlete at the 1992 Barcelona games. Ludovino is excited to bring his experiences as an athlete and a businessperson to the ARIIX Athletes Council. Due to his exceptional athletic history, Ludovino has a deep level of understanding of the athlete mindset. As the leader of the largest team of distributors in Europe, Ludovino also has the experience and ideas to help any entrepreneur create a thriving and successful business. He partnered with ARIIX because of the high quality and efficacy of our nutritional supplements and the benefits they provide for athletes just like himself.

Tasuku Hashimoto

Tasuku Hashimoto was born in 1976. While in high school, he participated in Koshien, the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament, and this was the start of a long and successful career in the sport. In 2012, Tasuku retired due to injuries from overwhelming physical overuse. He learned about direct selling following his retirement and discovered the ultimate possibilities with ARIIX. He loves the ARIIX products and how business activities are deployed in terms of putting your health first. Working to stay healthy himself, he attained a Health Manager General Instructor Level 1. Currently he is also director of a juvenile baseball team, and he explains the importance of supplements for athletes extensively.

Hitoshi Iwabuchi

As Head Coach of the Japan Sports Association, Iwabuchi spends his professional time mentoring athletes as well as fitness and health professionals. In addition, he is a senior coach for the Mito-City Runners School and a chiropractor. Due to his professional undertakings, Iwabuchi understands the benefits of improving health and fitness routines in order to improve quality of life. His talent for inspiring athletes and those he mentors to improve their health and fitness goals through safe and secure supplementation is impressive, and we look forward to his contributions to the ARIIX Athletes Council.

Sean Pangelinan_sq
Sean Pangelinan

Pangelinan’s career as an athlete and a health and fitness professional began with his experience training for and participating in the 2008 Olympics as a canoer representing Guam. His passion continued to grow through his work as a personal trainer, his dedication as a health advocate, and his focus on research to improve his abilities and the lives of the people he works with. Pangelinan is owner of The Fit Lab, a premier fitness facility in San Diego where he provides fitness testing, nutritional assessments and personal training services, and conducts research studies. We know that his contributions to the council and ARIIX products will be monumental.

Pippa Turley
Pippa Turley

A globally -ranked triathlete, Pippa Turley has represented both New Zealand and Great Britain as an Age-Group Triathlete in seven World Championships (8th best performance), three European Championships and one World Masters Games (Silver Medal). With a background in Sports Marketing, Turley has also worked on high- profile events such as the 2011 Rugby World Cup, British Athletics, and Motor Sport.

Michael Lehfeldt

Michael Lehfeldt founded the Australia-based World Cycle Club (WCC) in 2010. He continues to manage the group and its events, leading WCC tours and training events all over the world, including Australia, Taiwan, Japan and the United States. An inclusive team leader who embodies teamwork and leadership, Lehfeldt is passionate about providing guidance to anyone interested in cycling. Helping both seasoned cyclists and those new to the sport enriches his life and drives him to curate the best possible riding routes and experiences. Preparing and sharing new challenges that in turn create lifelong memories is something very special to him.

Kristen White Buz1_SQ
Kristen White

Owner of ATLAS Fitness in the Jackson, Tennessee area, Kristen White is a certified trainer and fitness instructor whose certifications include PowerWave Instructor, LesMills Instructor, Aquatics Instructor and Cycling Instructor. She has completed dozens of half marathons and marathons, fitness competitions and 40-mile relays, and has competed in the CrossFit Open. White empowers others to improve their health and fitness by motivating and instructing in person as well as educating and inspiring via her weekly radio program. Having trained college athletes, former professional athletes and people preparing to enter the military, she believes fitness can be boring, or it can be as fun, challenging and innovative as you want it to be!

Kristin Johnson
Kristen Johnson

Owner of Kristin Johnson Fitness in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kristin is a certified personal trainer and a former competitive powerlifter with a background in gymnastics, who specializes in strength training and fitness behavior change coaching. Her mission is to be a catalyst for helping others unleash their inner warrior, as well as to drive positive transformation through health, fitness and personal discovery. Kristin enjoys teaching people that achieving optimal strength and health is not only necessary, but is an achievable goal at any age!

Mathew Skate

Owner of an independent gym in Brisbane, Australia, Mathew Skate is a former elite marathon athlete and, in his words, a “Fun Facilitator” (aka Physical Training Instructor). With a military career spanning more than 20 years, including 15 years as a strength, conditioning and endurance specialist, Mathew has trained thousands of military members, corporate groups and professional athletes in Australia and overseas. Mathew’s passion for long-distance running has led to his earning multiple titles, including Marathon Champion in two Australian states and two-time Defense Marathon Champion, as well as placing twice in the top 10 finishers of the Senshu International Marathon in Japan.



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