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Unleash Award — Taehee Kim

Taehee Kim was feeling the stress of work and life. She had gained 66lbs in a very short amount of time and developed diabetes and high blood pressure. During a leave of absence she took to rest and recover, she received a phone call from her friend, Kyungbin Park, about a direct selling business. Right away, Taehee explained that she would not join Kyungbin in the business, but her friend insisted they meet face to face. That meeting changed Taehee’s whole life.

Taehee’s friend introduced her to ARIIX. The Puritii™ products piqued her interest, and the more she thought about her friend’s success, the more interested she became. She decided to jump in!

Since then, Taehee has lost 44lbs and transformed her health, but she has also experienced a personal transformation as well. Her friend and sponsor, Kyungbin, always puts her on the stage, telling her to practice becoming a greater leader. At first, Taehee didn’t like going to seminars, and looked for excuses to avoid them, so as not to have to speak on stage. But over time, even this facet of her life has changed, and she has become a much better public speaker and leader. She knows that as she grows and builds her business, her life will continue to change for the better. She always tells her downline teammates to eat right and take the ARIIX products regularly, because it is only they who can change their life.

“ARIIX came to me just like a present. It was not coincidence, but selection, that determined my destiny. The best decision I have ever made is ARIIX,” says Taehee.

Always check with your healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program, and before discontinuing or reducing dosage of prescription medications. A consumer study showed that individuals lost an average of 13 to 15 pounds in 28 days on the Slenderiiz™ program. Results may vary depending on diet and exercise.

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