How Much Does Obesity Cost ? For NY State $12 Billion A Year

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How Much Does Obesity Cost ? For NY State $12 Billion A Year

According to a recent article released by the Associated Press. New York State Comptroller says that the state of New York is spending about $12 billion – YES BILLION a year to deal with obesity, suggesting that obesity has become an epidemic affecting about 1/3 of the children in the state.

New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says that expenditures are caused by 1.4 million overweight and obese children which account for $327 million spent in 2011. The costs rise significantly as they get older as illustrated by the $11.8 billion the state payed in obesity health care costs for the year (2011)

Dinapoli said the responsibility of combating obesity falls on the parents, schools, and community groups. Government officials agree that they must help to address this rather costly problem to avoid future costs. BUT HOW ?

According to the 2011 estimate over $4.3 billion has been spent on obesity related treatment that include conditions such as diabetes, and heart disease according to the data private health insurers and Medicare paid an estimated $7.5 billion.

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