• Rick Redford
    Rick RedfordNorth America General Manager

    As a seasoned network marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in the direct selling industry, Rick is exceptionally qualified to lead our North America market towards skyrocketing sales. With a dynamic history of motivational public speaking, cross-cultural relationship-building and influential global market growth, Rick excels in strategy, especially when it comes to sales organizations. Rick is motivated, driven, open and approachable and a key asset to the billion-dollar future of ARIIX.

    • Carlos Pacheco
      Carlos PachecoGeneral Manager

      Carlos Pacheco holds an Electronic Engineering degree with specialization in Administration. For 15 years he worked in advertising and TV, and in 2004, he sold his advertising agency and production house to dedicate himself fully to the direct selling industry. As a distributor, he successfully developed a North American technology company in Mexico and Latin America, as well as developing other multilevel projects for prominent companies and large corporations in Mexico. For the past three years he has excelled in the position of General Manager of NuCerity Mexico. For Carlos, network marketing is a great opportunity to develop skills and talents, teach others, and learn to believe in yourself!

      • Steven Hsu
        Steven HsuGeneral Manager

        A seasoned professional with over 20 years of direct selling experience, Steven Hsu joins ARIIX as Taiwan General Manager. He brings a wide breadth of knowledge to the market, including sales expertise, organizational leadership, project consulting, and inspirational training and speaking. With such a diverse background, Steven easily ignites passion in the region and creates strong teams that further ARIIX’s vision for Taiwan. Furthermore, he understands the business from a practical standpoint and is dedicated to utilizing his talents and skills to further ARIIX’s success.

        • Brandon John
          Brandon JohnVice President of Taxation

          With a long-standing history of 12 years as a respected expert in the field of tax, Brandon has resounding experience effectively managing complex tax structures and transactions. With his expertise in lean processes and achieving optimal return on capital, he immediately saw opportunities at ARIIX to make an impactful difference and has been successfully managing a restructuring of our international tax presence. Intelligent and tax savvy, Brandon is a force to be reckoned with, and we’re glad he’s part of the ARIIX family!

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