13 Ways to Lead a More Fulfilling Life

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13 Ways to Lead a More Fulfilling Life

Do you feel like life is speeding by at 100mph? Between responsibilities, commitments, work, and family, life is hectic, crazy, and rushed at times. But it’s also uniquely beautiful. Sometimes we just need help finding a balance that leads to a deeper, richer, and more satisfying life fulfillment. If you’re feeling anything like this, here are thirteen ways to lead a more fulfilling life.

Live simply. Keeping up with the Jones’ is a thing of the past and only creates stress and competition. Instead of wanting more or better or bigger or newer, focus on what truly makes you happy: the simple things in life like family, friends, and love. To be fulfilled, you must not dwell on what you don’t have and focus on what you do.

Create “you” time. Learn to reconnect with yourself on a daily basis for increased fulfillment, even if it’s just a few moments between naps and play dates. Read a book. Soak in the tub instead of rushing through a shower. Savor a cup of coffee. Go for a walk without the kids. Setting aside time for yourself will help you feel more satisfied with the day-to-day.

Get out of your comfort zone. Stagnancy creeps into our lives when we stop pushing ourselves, which leads to feeling unfulfilled. Push yourself to do something that you normally would not do. Run the extra mile, summit that peak, push through to that yoga pose you’ve been working on. Increased satisfaction lies just outside your normal realm of comfort.

Always have goals. And we mean always. Even small, mundane, daily goals like washing the car or changing the bed sheets. When you achieve goals, no matter how small, you will feel more accomplished and might even find inspiration to set bigger ones.

Create your mission statement. Just like every successful business needs a mission statement, your life should have one too. What do you stand for? What do you love? How would others describe you? When you are living by your personal mission statement, you will feel a stronger sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Embrace change. Sometimes the best things in life come after we embrace some change. While it might be intimidating, change can bring you to a better place than you could have imagined it. Remember to never be afraid of losing sight of the shore.

The glass is always half full. Changing your perspective can increase your fulfillment tremendously. When you stop complaining and increase your positivity, the fulfillment is sure to follow.

Forgive. What is more exhausting than holding a grudge? Making it even worse, bearing a grudge actually only affects you and not the person you’ve been offended by. So let it go and move on.

Give back. Being generous causes you to think of others before yourself. When you’re able to help someone else, focusing on his or her needs rather than your own, you will discover a deep sense of satisfaction.

Happiness is a decision. Sustainable, long-lasting happiness is a choice and cannot be the result of something else. It must exist independently of circumstances so when things aren’t necessarily going your way, you choose to be happy regardless, and are ultimately more fulfilled.

Knowledge is power. Start looking at every experience as a learning opportunity. When you are consistently learning, you are constantly filling up on satisfaction. The wiser a person is, the more fulfilled their life will be.

Practice being content. There is possibly no worse feeling than discontentment. It squanders the life you are living right now while you pine over what could have or should have been.

Find a mentor, be a mentor. Fulfillment is not just about you; it’s about others as well. When you invest in someone else, you will feel exponentially more fulfilled. Some experts even believe in living by the rule of thirds: 33% of your time should be spent in the company of older and wiser mentor-like individuals, another 33% with your own peers, and the final 33% with those younger or less established so that you might invest in their lives as well.

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