3 Essential Keys to Improving Your Business—And Your Life!

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3 Essential Keys to Improving Your Business—And Your Life!

For many of us, the drive to work is a daily event, albeit one we would all like to eliminate! For me it takes about 30 minutes, depending on traffic, to get from my home to the office. During my drive I have a favorite route that I like to take each morning. It’s not the shortest, nor the quickest route, but surprisingly the one that makes me smile.

On this one particular route, drivers are required to slow down significantly in order to drive through a school zone near an elementary school. The road is generally very busy, but signals have been put in place to notify drivers of the upcoming school zone and the need to watch for young children walking or biking to school.

An elderly gentleman sits at one particular intersection and his job is to safely walk the children across the street, which he does day after day. Even though I’ve never met this man, every day when I slowly drive by he gives me a friendly wave and a smile, an action which he does to each vehicle that drives by. While it brings a smile to my face every time, I’ve noticed over the last several months that very few people respond with the same friendly gesture back, which is disappointing to me.

From this man, who I do not know, I have learned some very valuable lessons which I believe are for anyone trying to succeed in life (yep, that means all of us).

First, it doesn’t matter who waves or smiles back to this man, he doesn’t let that influence his actions.

We all run into negative situations and people who either don’t react or react negatively to what we believe should make them smile. Even so, we have to stay our course and not let their actions affect us.

Eventually those people who didn’t wave back, will, or somebody else driving by will wave and smile back (like me). Those are the “choice” people who will truly be a positive influence in your ARIIX business and in your life.

Second, consistently be there for the people who need you each day, even those who may not know they need you yet.

Ask yourself, “Am I consistently doing what I need to each day to build my business?” “Am I making phone calls or personal visits to newly enrolled members to ensure they have what they need to ‘cross the road safely?’” Consistency is key to long-term success! 

Look at the NBA’s newest superstar, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. He wasn’t highly recruited out of high school, he played college basketball for a small school, and he wasn’t a high NBA draft pick. Yet, he’s arguably the best player in the league today. Day after day he spends time in the gym working on his shooting, ball handling, and other foot skills that have now transformed him into the best shooter the game has ever seen! This same level of growth and development exists in each one of us—be the person who motivates yourself, and others, to succeed through consistency each and every day.

Finally, just like the man helping the kids cross the road safely, teach prevention—utilize ARIIX products to show their effects.

There is no substitute for personal health and wellness. I know I’ve seen that in my own life by taking ARIIX products daily, coupled with a healthy, active lifestyle—I’ve never felt better! Be the person who isn’t afraid to help others get healthy and “cross the street safely” with the finest health products on the planet!



Riley Timmer
COO and Founder

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