ARIIX Representative Mark Jordan Shoots for Guinness World Record!

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ARIIX Representative Mark Jordan Shoots for Guinness World Record!



ARIIX Representative Mark Jordan is eyeing the history books today, shooting to break the Guinness World Record of 4,210 pull-ups within 24 hours.

Mark, a driven and fit 54-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas, started at 5:00 this morning (November 3) and plans at least five pull-ups per minute, making it 300 pull-ups per hour until 10:00 pm, which should pass the current record. “I will then have seven hours remaining to reach MY goal,” he says.

Mark has incorporated the full range of ARIIX health and wellness supplements in his training regimen, but is relying heavily on the Nutrifii™ supplement Moa™ during his record-setting venture. Moa is a nutrient-dense combination of juices and whole-fruit extracts from 34 superfoods gathered all over the world.

“Moa provides the electrolytes that my muscles need for the duration,” Mark explains.  “It actually helps me feel both pumped and focused for the long haul. I have used it every one to two hours throughout my training sessions, and will be using much more than the recommended dose of two capfuls throughout the day. I never go without it. I tell everyone that MOA takes a bad day and turns it into a good day, and it takes a good day and turns it into a great day!”

In addition, Mark plans to use Rejuveniix, a post-workout replenishing supplement; and Priime Essential Oil Ice Relieving Blend, a topical application designed specifically for tired muscles, during and after his attempt. He will be posting on Facebook throughout the day for his fans around the world, and we will all be following closely.

Mark reminds us that, with proper nutrition, “age is just a number, and it’s never too late for anything.”

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