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ARIIX Wins Multiple Prestigious Industry Awards

ARIIX, THE Opportunity Company™, proudly wins multiple awards, signifying the immense impact the direct selling company is making on its industry. Recently, the company received awards from the Direct Selling Management Association, as well as several Stevie International Business Awards.

ARIIX was named the winner of the Product of the Year Award for the Puritii™ Air Purification System and the Visionary Award for Dr. Fred Cooper, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ARIIX, from the Direct Selling Management Association. It is recognitions such as these that continue to set the company apart as an industry-leading organization within the direct selling market.

The Puritii™ Air Purification System truly is an innovation unlike any other available today with its impressively high performance and remarkable energy-efficiency.

“We are honored to receive such a distinguished award for Puritii Air,” says Barrett Yates, Puriti Brand Manager. “This technology is so crucial for everyone to have in their home. Recognitions such as this will only further educate families about their need for clean air.”

Innovations such as this wouldn’t be possible without the strong leadership of ARIIX’s CEO, Dr. Fred Cooper. Through his genius, Representatives have the opportunity to experience and share groundbreaking products, all the while enjoying the highest paying compensation plan available and complete legal protection through the Representative’s Bill of Rights.

“There is no other CEO in the direct selling business that deserves this recognition like Fred Cooper,” says ARIIX President and Founder, Mark Wilson. “He leads with integrity and innovation, taking care of both our employees and Representatives. We wouldn’t be the fast-growing, successful company we are without him at the helm.”

ARIIX was further honored when it was named the recipient of eight Stevie International Business Awards. For the very first time, the direct selling business took home a Gold Stevie Award for its fantastic execution of

“The Reviive website was a collaborative effort between designers, developers, and our entire creative and marketing team,” says Philip Niu, Director of Marketing. “It’s a true testament to the cohesion of this company and we couldn’t be more proud to be awarded our very first Gold Stevie,” Mr. Niu continues. “As we grow as a company, we expect nothing less than to continue being honored with such incredible recognitions.”

ARIIX is proud of the accomplishments it continues to achieve through the dedication of our executives, employees, and Representatives and would like to thank everyone for their contribution to these amazing recognitions.

A full list of awards can be found at


ARIIX is an international opportunity company that creates superior, exclusively branded products marketed through independent representatives. To promote healthy living, ARIIX develops toxic-free products through collaboration with world-renowned experts in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. With a devotion to helping others unleash their potential for good, ARIIX provides a global vision, outstanding management experience, driven industry leadership, and a valued partnership that protects its representatives. This partnership is underscored by a patent-pending compensation plan created to give the greatest benefit to the representative. The ARIIX opportunity and brands are available in Australia, Canada, Greater China including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. For more information please visit or phone 1-855-GO-ARIIX

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  • sue pollard

    Rock On Ariix! so proud of this company! Lookout World where coming full steam ahead! :)
    Ariix will be the #1 Network Marketing Company World Wide!

    • ariixeditor

      Your kind comments do not go unnoticed, Sue! Thank you for commenting!

  • Teresa Stallings-Lindsay

    I have only been an Ariix team member since March 2015. I have been in awe of the support of our leaders in this company. The products are safe and effective. I was looking a company of integrity and have found that with Ariix. Congratulations on the well deserved awards

    • ariixeditor

      Our thoughts exactly, Teresa! Your thoughtful comments are appreciated. As THE Opportunity Company™, ARIIX will continue to prove to be just what you’re looking for in a company full of integrity and well-renowned in the industry!

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