Global News—ARIIX Korea Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

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Global News—ARIIX Korea Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

Saturday, May 7, 2016, marked the one-year anniversary of ARIIX being open for business in Korea. To celebrate this memorable day, many Representatives visited the ARIIX business center, hosting a seminar and small celebratory party.

In Korea, if there’s something to celebrate or enjoy, it’s typically tradition to prepare a rice cake and share with neighbors or friends. In honor of this practice, ARIIX Korea prepared a rice cake to serve Representatives as well as visitors to the business center.


For the first anniversary, YJ, Korea General Manager, visited the seminar, giving a presentation and welcoming statement. He spoke about the many successes within the market in light of only being open for business for one short year. Because of this, he also highlighted the opportunities and growth ARIIX Korea will experience in the years ahead.


ARIIX Korea was also proud to announce the appointment of a new CEO, Hae Ran Kim, to the market. Ms. Kim has been in the network marketing industry for over fifteen years as both a leader and distributor. Ms. Kim says there was a singular reason she chose to join ARIIX—her faith in the ARIIX executive team and her trust in the guiding philosophy of Dr. Ray Strand. Ms. Kim expressed her deep gratitude in regards to her appointment as CEO and described a bright and rewarding partnership that is sure to follow.

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