Just Be Cool—Tips for Beating Summer’s Heat

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Just Be Cool—Tips for Beating Summer’s Heat

Most of us have been looking forward to summer for MONTHS and now that it’s here… we just can’t even. Suddenly 70° feels like a blazing 152°. Flights of stairs are daunting. We start sweating at the mere thought of folding a warm load of laundry. And being outside only sounds fun if it’s during a torrential downpour. In the middle of the night.

If you can’t deal with this heat, these tips are for you! Here’s how to keep cool this summer and maybe even keep a bit of your sanity, too.

Leverage windows. Sometimes all you need is a little airflow through your space to bring temps back down to a comfortable range. While opening windows in the height of summer might not be enough, cracked panes can cool things off comfortably in the weeks leading up to and following summer’s most intense heat waves. Take advantage of your windows especially at nighttime by cracking them just before bed to cool things off for a good night’s rest.

Shut it out. Take a good look at your windows and window coverings. Windows that receive hours and hours of sunlight during the day can be covered with curtains to help keep some of the heat out while shadier ones can be left open to continue letting in light. As the sun moves throughout the day, follow it throughout your house, shutting and opening curtains and window treatments to keep the majority of its heat out.

Don’t cook. You heard us. Turning on your stove or oven will ultimately turn up the heat in not just your kitchen, but your entire house. In the hot summer months, opt instead for cooking-free meals, such as sandwiches, salads, and chopped fruits and vegetables. Just remember, the more you crank up the stove, the hotter your home will be.

Dress the part. If you want to be cool you have to dress cool. Choosing natural, breathable materials like cotton will help better regulate your body temperature than their synthetic counterparts. Also opt for layers that can be easily removed or replaced in accordance with the day’s temperatures. Finally, don’t forget about shade protection from bandanas, sunhats, and sunglasses to help keep you protected and refreshed.

Ice, ice baby. To bring your body back to a comfy temp quickly, try ice. Placing a cold compress on the small of your back or nape of your neck will help you chill out almost immediately. Once you’ve simmered down, place a bowl of ice in front of a fan next to your bed or couch for a refreshing blast of cold air.

Dive in. If you have access to a swimming hole, whether it’s at the local recreational facility, public pool, backyard pool, or remote lake, take advantage of these crazy temps and jump in! Instead of commiserating over the heat, embrace it by partaking in activities that you can’t necessarily at other times of the year, like swimming! It will cool you off while keeping you active at the same time.

Whether we like it or not, summer is here to stay for a while. And while we may love these longer days, their intense heat can be less than favorable. Instead of being miserable for the next little while, embrace this time of year by following these tips for a cool, relaxing, and refreshing summer.

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