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Becoming Your Own CLO—Chief Life Officer

Many of us report to bosses, take direction from superiors, and have responsibilities to family. While these are all good things, it sometimes leaves you feeling like you aren’t in control of your own existence. But in all actuality, you are your own life’s boss. You are the Chief Life Officer (CLO) of You, Inc.

“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” –William Earnest Henley

While you might have bosses, managers, supervisors, a spouse, or kids who all rely on you, ultimately you are your boss. You are responsible for your happiness, your wellbeing, and your emotions, to name a few. Here are six very practical areas of your own life that you need to start taking ownership of to become the best boss ever of You, Inc.

CFO—Chief Financial Officer. You (and your spouse, if you’re married) are the CFO of your household’s finances. Nobody else can make your cash flow stronger than you. Adopting a financial entrepreneurial mindset will create a more stable wealth status. Ask questions like: how can I cut costs? How can I increase revenue? How can I budget better? How can I increase my savings? Learn the ins and outs of your household’s money to become its CFO and strengthen your financial future.

CEO—Chief Emotions Officer. You are responsible for your feelings. While situations and circumstances may affect them, only you can control the direction your emotions take in the heat of the moment. Your boss at work is not in charge of your emotions. Your spouse does not control how you feel. Only you do. Meditation, prayer, quiet moments, reuniting with nature, and writing down your feelings are all useful tools savvy Chief Emotional Officers can use to keep it cool the next time the emotional heat is turned up.

CBO—Chief Branding Officer. Have you ever assessed your life’s message as if it were a business’s? Successful businesses rely on their mission statement, vision, brand identity, and marketing to determine every big decision they make. What is your life’s mission and how successful are you at carrying it out? What message does your life speak to others? As Chief Branding Officer of You, Inc., you are the boss of the message you put out into the universe, so make sure it’s a good one.

CWO—Chief Wellness Officer. Only you can control your wellness status. You are responsible for your own diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, and other factors that contribute to your wellbeing. This is a huge area of your life that you can take control of today to see massive improvements. Just like a Wellness Officer at an actual business is responsible for certain aspects of employee wellness, you control the wellness of metaphorical You, Inc.’s one employee: you.

CKO—Chief Knowledge Officer. Life is about learning. You should continually be learning new skills and gaining new experiences. You are in charge of what you learn, whether it’s a new skillset at work or useful information for the home or your family. Being the CKO of your life means you get to pick and choose your own educational course throughout life.

CDO—Chief Development Officer. While this is similar to the CKO’s position, the CDO takes it one step further. People can spend their lifetime learning, but until they actually apply what they’ve learned, there will be no development. To develop personally from experiences means to become a stronger CDO and the very truest definition of CDO is one who imparts what they’ve learned and how they’ve developed into someone else.

You are in control of you. No one else is better fit for the role of Chief Life Officer than you. Embrace it. Cultivate it. Be the best boss of your life you can be!

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