From Deanna Latson, CPO—Make the Most of Summer

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From Deanna Latson, CPO—Make the Most of Summer

ARIIX, summer is here! Are you going to make the most out of it?

Deciding to improve your health and fitness is easy. Knowing where to start—not so much. We live in a busy time and life can feel pretty chaotic. One of the most powerful things you can do to get started is to commit to these three simple rules:

1. Make Good Choices When You Eat: Choose organic, locally sourced food when you can. Find more natural food and less processed junk. Be sure to keep healthy nutritional snacks and meal replacement drinks on hand for last minute emergencies.

2. Drink More Water: Dehydration leads to low energy, brain fog, and poor body function. Contaminated water leads to organ, cell, and nerve damage, birth and genetic defects, and cancer. Keep clean, pure water on you at all times. The Puritii Water Filtration System is the best out there!

3. Take Good Supplements: High-quality supplements provide everything to your body that our diets alone no longer can. They help stop the effects of toxins in our atmosphere and keep our bodies running at their optimal best. If you’re not taking supplements yet, start with Nutrifii Optimals for full spectrum vitamin and mineral support.

These three simple rules are easy to remember and easy to do. With that being said, if you really want to feel comfortable this summer and lose those extra pounds, Slenderiiz gives tremendous results. I’ve met people all around the world who are changing their bodies and their lives on this program, it’s so good. Bottom line—stick to these habits, add a weight management program like Slenderiiz to your routine, and you’ll create powerful habits for a better life.  

As I write this, summer is approaching here in the US. I’m thinking about the fun times ahead with family, friends, travel, and I’m stocking up on healthy snacks to always keep nearby. It’s easy when traveling or on the go to revert to fast food and unhealthy eating habits when you have no other choice. Keeping healthy alternatives packed for just these kind of occasions is the best way to stay on track and ensure a happy, healthy summer.

Here’s to a great one,

Deanna Latson

CPO and Founder

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