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Delicious Hot Spiced Chai Made With PureNourish

Have a caffeine-free morning. Hot drinks are always welcome in the morning. This delicious spicy chai recipe not only warms your insides, but nourishes and provides you with energy, proteins, fiber and smart carbohydrates.


  • 2 scoops PureNourish
  • 4 bags herbal chai tea
  • 2 cups hot water
  • Dash of cinnamon

Pour 2 cups of hot water into your blender and add the 4 tea bags; cover. Let the tea bags steep for 3-10 minutes depending on your personal taste. Remove the tea bags from the blender. With blender in motion add 2 scoops PureNourish. With the cover on, blend on medium speed until the ingredients are dissolved, and then pulse on high for a few seconds to get that yummy foam. Put a tea towel over the top when removing the cover and release slowly.

This will be a rather thin drink with a great little foam on the top. Pour into 2 cups and share or fill a mug and have it all to yourself. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Total calories: 130

*Cinnamon’s phytonutrients provide many health promoting properties—blocking inflammation, bacterial growth and soothing digestive problems.

Tip: Put the 2 scoops PureNourish and a healthy dash of cinnamon in a thermos to-go. Bring along a few chai tea bags. Most places will give you a large cup of hot water to brew the tea bags. Add the hot tea to your thermos and give it a shake. Now you have a great on-the-go pick-me-up.

*Note: Celestial Seasonings claims their decaffeinated teas are naturally decaffeinated, which means they would use the effervescence method using only water and carbon dioxide—this process retains 95% of the polyphenols. An alternative method to remove most of the caffeine on your own and is recommended by In Pursuit of Tea ( is to steep the tea for 45 seconds in hot water, pour off the liquid and then steep the second time as you normally would brew a cup of tea. Over 80% of the caffeine is released in the first infusion and eliminates very little of the tea’s flavor. You may also order a chai herbal tea, certified organic and caffeine-free from

Enjoy a caffeine-free day using herbal teas; these products offer a natural and healthy way of creating a variety of ARIIX drinks. I will be waiting to hear all about your experiences.

Recipe and photo courtesy of: Chef Nelda of ARIIX Kitchen

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