Facebook Brings Fight To Google With Graph Search

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Facebook Brings Fight To Google With Graph Search

By now we know the power of Facebook – S0cial marketing is one of the predominant modes of marketing used by our Ariix distributors. Ariix as a company believes that social proof marketing is the way of the future, and with our ever growing fan base it becomes even more apparent that when introducing Ariix health, nutrition, and weight loss products to the world it is important that our distributors remain on the cutting edge of technology and marketing techniques.  Facebook’s new Graph Search will help our distributors better connect with friends and “friends of friends” to exponentially increase their  exposure and consequently help our distributors grow their business through proof of concept through our incredible social experience.

Facebook’s Graph Search

The new search product presented by Facebook is the social network’s response to its massive base of 1 billion users, who have contributed over 240 billion photos, and an astonishing 1 trillion connections. Facebook graph search is meant to provide people with the answers to their questions about, people, photos, places and interest.

The search tool will allow individuals to find people in their network and make new connections based on various filters. The service incorporates various filters such as place type, liked by, and visited by friends to make locating things faster. You can refine search queries with more advance filters to get better answers. This will give our distributors more insight into the patterns, likes, and interest of individuals within their networks whom they are not directly affiliated with.

As Quoted on CNET.com

One example demonstrated was a very specific search for “Friends of my friends who are single male San Francisco,Calif.” That refined query returned a select group of people who fit the criteria. Apart from personal use cases, Graph Search can be used for dating and recruiting purposes, which could make the product a potential challenger to LinkedIn and various dating sites that incorporate social network profiles.

What stands out is the use of this incredible tools for recruiting purposes, again further illustrating the importance of Facebook, this feature alone is worth getting excited about.

Facebook has finally created a place for users to demonstrate intent, which can then be sold to brands looking to advertise their products to users. The compelling aspect here is that the search will be semantic and people-based, forcing marketers to be creative in ways that they target their advertisements to each cohort, but with being more creative, our target audience is easily identifiable and approachable. This in itself will change the landscape for Facebook advertisers and Ariix distributors.

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