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Gift Giving to Your Future Self

When was the last time you really gave your future self consideration? We often get so caught up with the day-to-day that we tend to focus only on our current selves, neglecting the days to come. Do you ever ask your current self what your future self wants or needs? Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself isn’t something that’s experienced today or even in the near future, it’s something that you’ll appreciate far down the road.

Giving gifts to yourself is important, and here are a few we think future you will thank current you for.

Give your future self financial security. We are currently experiencing an all-time low in personal savings. According to a Bankrate report, nearly half of Americans are saving as little as 5 percent of their income, while another 18 percent are saving nothing whatsoever.[1] Furthermore, adequate retirement savings have never been so threatened before.[2] Do your future self a favor and start beefing up those 401k, IRAs, and savings accounts. It’s never too early to start.

Give your future self a healthy body. There is nothing worse than not being able to physically keep up with those around you. If you want to chase grandkids, view epic sights in your future, or simply roll out of bed in the morning without pain, you have to give yourself health. Eat a well balanced diet every day, take high quality supplements, get eight hours of sleep a night, and exercise routinely throughout life to ensure your future self is physically fit and ready for life’s adventures.

Give your future self the gift of memories. Most people have one great fear—to get to the end of their life and have nothing to show for it. Don’t be that person. Give your future self the gift of memories instead of regrets. Maybe you can’t upgrade your car because you choose to finance a European vacation. Great! Later in life, you’ll savor those memories far more than that new car smell.

Give your future self the gift of forgiveness. Holding a grudge really hurts you more than the person you’re holding it against. Learning to let things go will foster better relationships and will even help your health. Learning to not only forgive, but also to forget, will ensure a satisfying and happy future.

Give your future self the gift of time. Unfortunately you can’t turn back the clock and rewind time. You can, however, commit to being present in the moment now. You can make every hour meaningful. Think about the things your future self will look back on with fondness and go after those things. Spend more time with family and doing the things you love, instead of the things future you won’t even remember.

Give your future self the gift of wisdom. It should be considered a privilege to age, not an embarrassment, because with age comes wisdom. Do things today that will make your future self wise beyond your years. Take classes, learn new hobbies, and explore new cultures. There is a great big world out there willing to impart wisdom and knowledge into your life if only you reach out for it.

Give your future self the gift of relationships. If you don’t have loved ones there toward the end of life, all of these other gifts are pointless. Maintain healthy, mutually beneficial relationships. Go beyond your spouse and your children. Make lifelong friends who will grow and age with you and will be there to share in some of life’s sweetest moments.

Overall, if you were to look in the mirror today and see a future version of yourself staring back, who would you hope to find? Someone who is financially secure, who has had a full life, who is wise, and has rich, deep relationships? If so, begin collecting these gifts today so future you will have something to be thankful for.


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