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Simple Gifts for Dad That Keep on Giving

Last month, we compiled a list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day, but with a twist—these were gifts that would keep on giving, boosting her wellbeing and health. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we are revisiting the topic of thoughtful, healthful gifts for Dad. So, if you’re looking for that perfect something to let him know how much you really care, read on.

Something for outside. Father’s Day falls at the perfect time of year where most of us are outside enjoying warmer, longer days. Gifts that encourage time spent outdoors are perfect for bolstering his mood and a great excuse to get a little more vitamin D. Some ideas include:

  • Billed hat for keeping the sun out of his eyes
  • New golf club, tees, balls, or towels
  • Fishing rod or tackle box
  • Patio grill or chairs
  • Purifying water bottle

Something for creativity. Dads need creative outlets just like anyone else, but oftentimes they’re so busy between work and household responsibilities they don’t take time to enjoy these types of hobbies. Get the ball rolling by giving him:

  • Model car kit
  • Ship in a bottle set
  • Canvases and an easel
  • Smartphone camera lenses

Something for relaxation. These gifts for Dad help him de-stress:

  • Hammock
  • Massage gift certificate
  • Pool raft
  • Hot tea or coffee travel mug

Something cheerful. Does your Dad need a little pick-me-up or simply a reminder of life’s happiest moments? Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Printed and framed family photo for his office
  • Hand-drawn cards
  • Happy light
  • Sunrise-simulating alarm clock

Something for the intellect. Encourage Dad to keep his mind sharp with a few thoughtful items, such as:

  • Collection of crossword puzzles and Sudoku books
  • Book by his favorite author or in his preferred genre
  • Vintage map of a place he loves
  • Subscription to

Something yummy. Sometimes the way to his heart is literally through his stomach. If your Dad is a self-proclaimed foodie, consider:

Something memorable. Most Dads have everything they could possibly want, but the one thing he can never get enough of is memories. So make them together through these ideas:

  • Afternoon playing 18 holes
  • Scenic road trip together
  • Day at the lake
  • Fishing trip

Take advantage of this Father’s Day to show him just how important he really is to you by choosing gifts that won’t just sit around collecting dust, but ones that he will enjoy and that will improve his wellbeing too!

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