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Global News—ARIIX CIS Regional Event

On July 8-12, the Kazakhstan regional event took place in Kazakhstan in sunny Shymkent. Leading ARIIX Representatives, Marina Matytsina and Vladimir Mikheshkin, were in attendance along with 160 other ARIIX Representatives and CIS Market Directors, Maria Postol and Tatiana Gramont.

3_MOA trying

2_Jouve trying

Friday night included a presentation of ARIIX opportunities. Attendees loved the new format of interactive communication where they tried Moa, witnessed amazing transformations with Jouvé, and had the opportunity to be models themselves as they tried the new skincare brand! Marketing plans and earnings of partners were also announced.
The highlight of the meeting was the announcement of a promotion for an incentive trip to the United Arab Emirates in February of 2017! Health, excellent physical shape, beauty, and traveling around the world with the company—THIS IS ARIIX!

Training_2nd day

Saturday had people attending from many different cities of Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty, Kyzylorda, Taraz, Jimkazgan, and many others. The day focused on ARIIX business principles and training. The event ended with the Gold Party in one of the most popular and beautiful restaurants in the city! The evening was a huge success culminating in a huge ARIIX cake!

5_Gold Party


Another day of exclusive training was on Sunday. The details for the 20 weeks of the promotion were announced and leaders set their own objectives and planed the work for their groups. The event ended with a performance from CIS Directors, Maria Postol and Tatiana Gramont, on the local TV channel. The program “Good Morning, Shymkent!” started with highlighting Moa and talking about healthy lifestyles!


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