PROMOTION PERIOD ENDED: ARIIX Gold Bonus Promotion—It Pays to Go Gold!

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PROMOTION PERIOD ENDED: ARIIX Gold Bonus Promotion—It Pays to Go Gold!


We are excited to announce the Gold Bonus Promotion designed just for you.

For the next eight weeks beginning today, Saturday April 30, 2016 and running through Friday, June 24, 2016, you have the chance to earn some sweet cash.

Gold Achievers

  • If you’re a new member that has enrolled during this promotional period, simply achieve Gold Status by selling four qualifying product orders of 150 PV or more to new members. The faster you achieve Gold Status, the more you can get paid!
Achieve Gold Status within:
Within 4 Weeks Within 8 Weeks
$150 USD $75 USD
  • Payment of the New Gold Bonus will be issued in the week following qualification

Gold Creators 

  • Sponsor new members who place a qualifying product order within the promotional period and help them achieve Gold Status within the first four to eight weeks of their start date. The more members you help achieve Gold Status, the more you can earn.
New Gold Statuses Achieved within:
# of New Gold Statuses Created Within 4 Weeks Within 8 Weeks
1st $100 USD $50 USD
2nd $200 USD $100 USD
3rd $300 USD $150 USD
4th $400 USD $200 USD
*5th+ $500 USD $250 USD
  • Earnings are paid weekly


I want to go Gold! What do I need to do?

Going Gold is easy! Simply follow the Power of Four and don’t look back.

  • Go Gold by selling at least four qualifying product orders to new members within the first eight weeks of your start date.
    • Each qualifying order must include a minimum of 150 PV.
  • As you build your team and teach them to sell ARIIX products and go Gold, not only will you earn some serious cash from this promotion, you’ll also be plagued with a whole host of side benefits.

Side benefits of going Gold may include:

  • Momentum
  • Earning even more by unlocking ACTIV8 bonuses
  • Serious duplication
  • Fast paced rank advancements
  • And more!

Don’t forget, we’ll be providing weekly updates, resources, and webinars where we feature experts and leaders that will provide tips on how you can optimize sales and achieve Gold in no time.

So what are you waiting for? It pays to go Gold!


Terms and Conditions:

Representatives who have not yet achieved Gold Status before the start date of the promotion may participate in the Gold Creator incentive only, and are not eligible for the New Gold incentive.

Any bonus payout is subject to audit and compliance review.

According to Policies & Procedures section 7.10, Representatives must never purchase more products than they can reasonably use or sell to Retail Customers in a month, and they must not encourage others to make such purchases. Bonus buying includes purchases that are not driven by genuine purchasing demand by end consumers.

In the event of any disputes regarding bonuses, ARIIX’s decision will be final.

Promotional Period runs from 12:01 am MDT Saturday, April 30, 2016 to 11:59 pm MDT Friday, June 24, 2016.

US/CA and Mexico markets only.


Note: All new Reps that enroll during the promotional period regardless of date will have the full four to eight week time period to qualify for this promotion.

*5+ Defined: For every new Gold Statuses you create after (5), you can earn another $500 or $250. For example, create a 6th Gold and earn another $500 or $250. Create a 7th Gold and earn another $500 or $250. There is no cap to how many Gold’s you can create.

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