Global News—Ignite! 2016 ARIIX Event in Taiwan Recap

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Global News—Ignite! 2016 ARIIX Event in Taiwan Recap

On March 5, 2016, ARIIX held Ignite!—a jam-packed event—to a captivated audience in Taiwan. In attendance and hosting engaging and educational presentations were ARIIX President and Founder, Mark Wilson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer and Founder, Deanna Latson, and ARIIX Founder’s Club Member and expert network marketing professional, Tim Sales. Presentation topics ranged from moments of recognition to the exciting and much anticipated Jouvé launch.

The event culminated in a memorable performance by Bird and Water Dance Ensemble. This group was especially rewarding to watch, and tapped into the heart of the ARIIX mission, because physically challenged athletes are the show’s performers. Their message is simple—never give up! They quickly captivated those in attendance and participants won’t soon forget their meaningful and impactful vision.


ARIIX would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend Ignite! this year and especially those whose hard work helped pull off such a successful event. Finally, a special thank you goes out to the performers of Bird and Water Dance Ensemble!

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