The Importance of Me Time and How to Get More of It

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The Importance of Me Time and How to Get More of It

In today’s chaotic and on-the-go environment, finding alone time is becoming more and more of a lost art. Western culture even depicts those who actively seek out solidarity as being sad, depressed, or antisocial. But the importance of me time is, in fact, understated, though a very good way to maintain a healthy balance. It’s essential for everyone—extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts alike.

Me time is an act of self-care, which is vital to your health and happiness, with an endless list of benefits. Here are just nine of them:

Teaches you to enjoy your own company. We spend a lot of time connecting with friends and going on dates to get to know others, but do we really know ourselves? Spending time alone helps create a strong sense of self and teaches you to understand and appreciate your own inner voice.

Enhances relationships. Because you are able to learn about yourself in a deeper way through alone time, you will also be able to connect better with others. This creates strong, lasting relationships with those around you. It’s especially important for spouses. One study found that 29% of partners say they don’t get enough privacy or alone time in their relationship.[1]

Creates a more optimistic mindset. When we are constantly busy and stressed, we tend to focus on the negative. Spending time every day alone with our thoughts helps you de-stress so you can see the glass half full.

Provides an opportunity to think deeply. Much of our lives requires our brains to be on autopilot: commuting, checking emails, remedial work activities, and helping our kids with their homework. Me time is a chance for you to connect with your thoughts in a deep, meaningful way.

Recharges and replenishes the brain. Constant activity and bouncing from one responsibility to the next means we don’t have enough time for our brains to reboot. Taking time for yourself helps to quiet the mind and prepare itself for more of life’s challenges.

Improves concentration. Feeling scatter-brained lately? It’s likely because you have too much on your plate. Take some time for yourself and remove life’s distractions. This will help de-clutter the mind so you can feel more focused and on track.

Helps encourage unwinding. Solidarity creates a special opportunity for you to decompress, de-stress, and unwind. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, moments of solitude might help establish a sense of calm and peace.

Increases productivity. By spending a few moments a day with your thoughts, you can focus on tasks better, which ultimately improves productivity.

Helps achieve personal goals. One of the main reasons many of us aren’t conquering our personal goals is a lack of time to do so. By setting time aside  for yourself, you’ll focus on some of these achievements in order to actually accomplish them.

So, now that you see the benefits and importance of me time, how do you go about fitting more of it into your daily routine? Here are some important tips for creating moments of solidarity every single day.

  1. Rise early.

Getting out of bed even a half hour before the rest of your household creates a chunk of uninterrupted time in the day for yourself. What makes this time even better is that most people feel the most motivated at the beginning of their day.

  1. Close the door.

Your me time should be uninterrupted and the best way you can do this sometimes is by shutting yourself away from the noise of the house. Offices and bedrooms are perfect spaces for me time. If you prefer the outdoors, find a peaceful park or a quiet space in your yard that promotes solitude.

3.   Unplug.

Possibly the biggest thief of quality alone time is technology. We are so easily sidetracked by what’s going on in our inboxes or social media that we waste our precious moments alone. Unplug the computer, turn off your phone, and connect with yourself and yourself alone.

  1. Take time outside.

Being in nature is one of the best ways to connect with yourself. Take moments in your day to get out of doors, whether it’s over your morning cup of coffee, a trip to the park during lunch, or tending to your garden in the afternoon. There is something magical about being outdoors and connecting with yourself at the same time.

  1. Schedule it.

If you don’t actually schedule it, me time will get pushed off every day until you’re eventually not doing it at all. Scheduling it also encourages your family’s cooperation. By having alone time at the same time every day, your kids and spouse will know not to bother you and to respect your privacy.

Having time to yourself is important for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg! What are some of the ways you make sure to get me time each day? We would love to hear your insights!


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