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Share ARIIX Travel with Past and Future Prospects!

By now, you’ve heard all about it and you know it’s true: ARIIX Travel is the best travel savings program available!1 But have you thought about how this innovative new rewards program can help you win back former teammates and business builders?

Allow us to demonstrate…

Scenario #1

You: ARIIX has this amazing new rewards program that gives wholesale rates on travel. If you rejoin ARIIX before April 6, you can get a LOT of Reward Dollars to use toward travel.

Friend: What do I have to do to be in the rewards program?

You: You just pay the introductory access fee of $99.95. You get that back double in Reward Dollars, so you have $200 Reward Dollars right there. Plus, anything you ever spent with ARIIX in the past you also get back, dollar for dollar, in your rewards bank.2

Friend: I’ve spent a lot of money on ARIIX product. I get all of that back in Reward Dollars?

You: Yes! Let’s call Customer Support and find out how much money is in your bank!

Scenario #2

You: I know you and your husband are planning a trip to Hawaii this fall, and I think you can get a better rate through ARIIX Travel.

Friend: Really? How would I do that?

You: We can do a “test drive” first, and explore the site to see if it will save you money. I’m sure it will!

Friend: Ok, let’s check it out!

These are just two examples of how you can introduce ARIIX Travel to your former teammates. Invite your inactive Reps to take advantage of ARIIX Travel and enjoy these incredible, limited-time promotions between now and April 6:

  1. A special, introductory access fee of $99.95, which will be doubled to $200 Reward Dollars.
  2. Get back every dollar they have ever spent with ARIIX in Reward Dollars for unbelievable travel savings.2
  1. Plus, all ARIIX purchases will be doubled in Reward Dollars for the next 4 weeks.*

With ARIIX Travel, the cycle never ends! When your Reps purchase $100 worth of ARIIX products, we give them back $100 Reward Dollars. They can apply those Reward Dollars to their vacation — that’s a $100 cash savings! It gets even better! For every $1 spent out of pocket on travel, we give back $1 Reward Dollar that goes straight into their rewards bank — waiting for their next trip — so they can go again and again!3

It’s easy to share ARIIX Travel with others. Take a “test drive” on ARIIX Travel and allow your former Reps to explore the phenomenal savings available to them. When they see just how much they can save, and just how many Reward Dollars are waiting for them in their rewards bank, they’ll be ready to rejoin this disruptive global movement!


*Promotion valid in North America only, through April 6, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. MDT.

1Discount rates apply to lowest published prices.
2Reward Dollars will be capped at 13,334 or equivalent (per market). Representatives have the option of paying an additional $128.88 to double the amount of Reward Dollars they can have in their rewards bank at one time, from 13,334 to 26,668, which elevates them to the status of Diamond Plus Traveler.
3Assumes IIX Membership.

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