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Global News—Jouvé Presentation in Almaty, Kazakhstan

On April 16-17, Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan, hosted an excellent, long-awaited premiere of the exclusive ARIIX brand—Jouvé!

More than 400 people gathered together in the beautiful hall, “Under the Sky,” with a view of the whole city and surrounding mountains. Besides ARIIX Partners, many cosmetologists, stylists, TV -correspondents, and bloggers were in attendance.

A professional product presentation from Erika Elmuts, ARIIX Wellness Council Member, made everybody think about their inside and outside health, and a master class on Jouvé’s use was of great interest. The first five hours of intensive work went by in a burst of inspiration.

After a short break, Michal Guzowski, Regional Director for ARIIX Europe, and Anna Matuszkiewicz, Sales and Marketing Manager for Europe, spoke honestly about the company, its governing philosophy, and principles of success with ARIIX, sharing the vision of ARIIX’s future with prospects.

The day ended with a Gala dinner with the most successful Representatives of the ARIIX CIS team, Erika Elmuts, Michal Guzowski, Anna Matuszkiewicz and CIS market Directors Maria Postol and Tatiana Gramont, each sharing their goals and what it takes to fulfill them. 

This event  truly became the turning  point in the CIS market development and we look forward to working further within the market.

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