Global News—Mexico Update and Interview with New CEO, Luz Evangelista

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Global News—Mexico Update and Interview with New CEO, Luz Evangelista

The first quarter for ARIIX in its Mexico market has been a complete success in both sales and title advancements. Of special note, ARIIX Founders Club Member, Mexico Partner’s Council Member, and top commissions earner, Ms. Luz Evangelista has now advanced to receive the title of CEO.

Because of her monumental achievements, ARIIX Mexico conducted the following brief interview with Ms. Evangelista:

ARIIX: Why did you decide to join the network marketing industry?

Ms. Evangelista: It was the best option I found to improve my quality of life and create an income—without neglecting my family. When I started my business, my daughter was very young.

ARIIX: Why did you become an ARIIX Representative after being very successful with another network marketing company?

Ms. Evangelista: Because the ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan and high quality products are superior over any other company in the industry. My commitment is to always offer the best to the people who trust me.

ARIIX: What are you most passionate about at ARIIX?

Ms. Evangelista: This is a tough question to answer, as I always ask myself this when I give a presentation about the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan or when I give a training about the products. I consider both the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan and the high-quality ARIIX products excellent.

ARIIX: What are your favorite products?

Ms. Evangelista: ARIIX Optimals, Moa, PureNourish, Jouvé, and Reviive. But I actually use all of the ARIIX products on a daily basis.

ARIIX: What do you recommend to other Representatives worldwide to grow their business.

Ms. Evangelista: First of all, feel confident that ARIIX simply represents the best! Second, I recommend that they use the products, as well as be consistent and persistent when looking for prospects and opportunities.

ARIIX is very proud of the great work being done throughout Mexico by its numerous Representatives, and our sincerest congratulations to Ms. Evangelista on her title advancement.

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