8 Crucial Tips for Staying Motivated During Weight Loss

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8 Crucial Tips for Staying Motivated During Weight Loss

If losing weight were super simple, every person would be lean and trim. But the fact is it can be incredibly difficult, especially in today’s modern and fast-paced environment. People are busy, working longer hours and filling their calendars to the brim. With so many other things vying for our attention it’s no wonder gyms are bursting at the seams every New Year, yet fizzle out only a few weeks later.

It’s because we as human beings have a hard time staying motivated during weight loss. And until healthy diet and exercise become a normal part of our every day, we will most likely continue to fail.

Motivation is key. It’s what gets us from couch potato to gym rat and eventually graduates us to lifelong health and fitness enthusiast. If you’re struggling to find the motivation, consider these tips:

Focus on feelings. The high you get after running three miles. The snug but not overstuffed fit of your favorite bathing suit. The feeling of accomplishment when you’ve reached your weight lifting goals. Focus on those things instead of the numbers on a scale.

Hang up inspiration. You have those favorite pair of jean shorts that fit perfectly two summers ago and you’re determined to get back into. Hang them up somewhere as a reminder of how great you felt wearing them and how accomplished you’ll feel getting into them once more. They will be your daily reminder to stay the course.

Stop weighing in. At least not so often. Discouragement sets in when you’re jumping on the scale every single day and seeing little progress. Instead, weigh in only once a week so that you can see noticeable changes. This will keep you encouraged and give you something to keep working toward all week long.

Make it accessible. Even the strictest of health nut will fall victim to poor diet choices if they’re surrounded by nothing but junk food. When you start your new lifestyle, go through the cupboards and throw all the unhealthy and over-processed garbage out, then go to the store and stock up on nutritious options such as fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and lean meats.

Beyond the scale. Your journey to a healthier you is about far more than just the scale. It should be about making a new lifestyle. Set goals beyond dropping the pounds. Some of our favorites are: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise, at least 64 ounces of water, no eating after 7 pm, replacing fattening foods with healthy fats like oils, nuts, and avocados, and opting organic and local foods.

Tune in. When you’re dreading going to the gym, get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing with some good workout tunes before even leaving the house. Choose the music that speaks to your soul, songs that carry a beat you can run to, or simply those that say “I’ve got this!”

Write it out. Write your goals down. Hang them on the fridge or by your mirror and refer to them every day. Remind yourself what you’re working for. Use apps that will help keep you on track. Calorie counters and fitness trackers are perfect for tracking your progress toward your goals.

Always be prepared. There’s nothing worse for your diet than leaving the house unprepared; the same goes for working out. Always have a gym bag packed in the back of the car so if something unforeseen pops up, you don’t have an excuse to skip. Pack healthy snacks and water each time you leave home to make sure your diet isn’t sabotaged by convenience foods.

One of the most important parts to successful diet and exercise is staying motivated during weight loss. You can help yourself out by following these tips and learning the particular triggers that keep you excited and focused on your health goals.


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