Congratulations Power Rankers!

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Congratulations Power Rankers!

Please join us in congratulating our Top 50 North America, Australia and Israel Power Rankers for 2018! ARIIX created Power Ranking to recognize top performers for their leadership, achievements and business behaviors. Through creativity, hard work, persistence and dedication, these amazing Representatives have achieved phenomenal success!

1. Debbie & Ken Schneider CAN
2. Martene & Nathan Wallace AUS
3. Eva Bergstrom AUS
4. Masa Miyama USA
5. Tim & Laura Sales USA
6. Ping Shi USA
7. Maayan & Mor Catz ISR
8. Steve Swartz USA
9. Emma Rao CAN
10. TL Buchberger CAN
11. Steve Teglas USA
12. Todd & Ashley Rowland USA
13. Duke & Sheila Tubtim USA
14. Sherry Wang CAN
15. Lynn Allen-Johnson USA
15. Qian Yang CAN
16. Aaron & Dr. Ginger Decker USA
17. Stephane & Claudia Page CAN
18. Paula Weeks AUS
19. Jack Zhang CAN
20. Amara Enterprises Inc USA
21. Georgette Bernard MEX
22. Sonia Evans AUS
23. Ken Bailey USA
24. Xiaoli Meng CAN
25. Vern & Cheryl Lapuz USA
26. Ying Wu CAN
27. Amanda Kate & Tim Poteris AUS
28. Wang Jian Xin CAN
29. Vanessa Cotsis AUS
30. Hannibal Bray USA
31. Pam Harries AUS
32. Deana Brownlow USA
33. Ariela & Yair Tal ISR
34. Emma Savage AUS
35. Birgul Acar AUS
36. Rick & April Billings USA
37. Elvis Ky USA
38. Kristy-Lee Whykes AUS
39. Aisling Cunningham & Marni Robinson AUS
40. Jeffery & Angela Boyle USA
41. Jack Zhang USA
42. Libby Cornish AUS
43. Joanne Ward CAN
44. Jacqueline Deacon AUS
45. Susan Frank USA
46. Abigael Johnston AUS
47. Shanon Melnyk CAN
48. Jules Van de Leur AUS
49. Darcy Sochan CAN
50. Jack & Lily Lieu USA

Power Rankers are determined based on a composite score of a Representative’s performance within the organization compared to all other Representatives, with regard to factors such as growth, enrollment, leadership development, product sales and overall performance.

To learn more about how to become a Power Ranker, click here!

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