Olympic Athlete and Judo Champion Rui Ludovino Joins ARIIX Athletes Council

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Olympic Athlete and Judo Champion Rui Ludovino Joins ARIIX Athletes Council

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living, is pleased to announce the addition of Rui Ludovino to the ARIIX Athletes Council.

A record-holding Judo champion, Ludovino represented Portugal as a member of the National Team for over 10 years and as an Olympic athlete at the 1992 Barcelona games.

“In my opinion, Rui Ludovino is one of the smartest network marketing leaders in the Industry,” said Steve Swartz, an ARIIX Multi-Market Founders Club Member. “He is responsible for bringing in leaders who have been instrumental in growing our European market. That, coupled with his impressive athletic past makes him the ideal role model for the ARIIX Athletes Council.”

“I am excited to bring my experiences as an athlete and a businessperson to the ARIIX Athletes Council,” said Ludovino.  “Because of my experiences, I have a deep level of understanding of the athlete mindset. It’s in the little details where champions are made, which is why I chose ARIIX, they care about all the details. I’ve used nutritional supplements for 30 years, and have yet to find anything with such high quality and efficacy as ARIIX.”

“It’s individuals like Rui Ludovino who are helping our business reach new heights all around the world,” said Mark Wilson, ARIIX President and Founder. “His passion, dedication and unique experience is a perfect match for ARIIX and I know that he will inspire many lives as we work together.”

Committed to providing safe, pure, and effective supplements catering to the unique nutritional needs of athletes, the ARIIX Athletes Council is comprised of pro and semi-pro athletes and coaches that help shape the decisions and direction of the ARIIX wellness and athletic product lines. For more information, visit ariix.com/athletes-council.



ARIIX is an international opportunity company that creates efficacious, toxin-free products developed through collaboration with world-renowned experts and marketed through independent representatives. The ARIIX opportunity and brands are available in Australia, Canada, Greater China including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and the United States. For more information, please visit ariix.com or call 1-855-GO-ARIIX.

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