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What To Do Once You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Do you suffer from yo-yo dieting—the constant regain followed by weight loss? If so, your problem isn’t your ability to stick to a plan and shed the pounds, it’s what to do once you’ve reached your goal. Long-term weight loss is about creating a new lifestyle, not simply achieving a goal and falling back into unhealthy patterns and habits.

If your scale is constantly plummeting and rising, you should rethink your approach to weight loss. After all, that effort shouldn’t go to waste. So how do you handle success? What do you do once you’ve reached your weight loss goals to ensure you’ll stay there? Here are some tips that are sure to help.

Celebrate but don’t go crazy. When you’ve accomplished something amazing it needs to be celebrated. However, many people get hung up on the celebration aspect and simply continue celebrating until they’ve packed the pounds back on. Be conscious of this. Sure, you can go out and celebrate with a nice dinner, but don’t make it a habit for an extended period of time. Once the partying is over, go back to your balanced, nutritious diet and stick to it.

Recalibrate your calories. If you’ve been cutting your calories in order to drop weight, you’ll want to reassess the situation once you’ve hit your goal. For example, if you went down to 1,500 calories a day, you’ll have to figure out how many more to add back into your diet in order to maintain. This will be based on your lifestyle, your dietary decisions, and your activity level. Remember: your daily caloric intake should never exceed the number of calories you burn in a day in order to maintain.

Focus on healthy foods. The occasional slice of pizza or ice cream cone here and there aren’t going to throw you into a complete tailspin. But if you stop focusing on healthy food options, it’s going to be an uphill battle to maintain your newfound weight. Prioritize a diet rich in fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Continue striving for a variety of whole foods instead of fast or packaged meals to keep the weight off.

Keep working out. Just because you’ve successfully lost the weight doesn’t give you a free pass to become a couch potato. In fact, dropping your workout routine is one of the most surefire ways to fall right back to where you were before. You can consider easing up slightly but you should never resort back to a sedentary lifestyle.

Set a new goal. So your scale is finally reflecting your weight loss goals, but what about other aspects of your overall health? While that daily mile might have helped shed the pounds, you can increase it to improve your endurance. Maybe you want to be more toned now that you’ve lost the weight so hit up the gym and lift weights. By refocusing on a new healthy goal, you ensure that you’re continuing to take good care of your body and make regain much more difficult.

The point is half the battle starts once you’ve actually lost the weight. To keep a body healthy, it needs to be a lifestyle change, not just a once-every-couple-years drastic dieting. If you don’t want to bounce back after reaching your weight loss goal, keep these tips in mind.

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