One Word—WOW! Here’s What Happened at This Year’s Event

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One Word—WOW! Here’s What Happened at This Year’s Event

ARIIX hosted another amazing WOW Event in beautiful and sunny Anaheim, California. We loved meeting and collaborating with many of our regional Representatives from the area. We were also able to share the following exciting announcements:


Puritii Air Purification System and Lifetime Warranty










Now offered in the US and Canada, Puritii Air Purification System helps families breathe easy and clean the air in their homes and offices. Backed by an industry-first lifetime warranty, Puritii is absolutely the best, most efficient air purifier on the market, removing up to 99.99% of pollutants from the air. For more information, click here.


Power Re-Entry™










In order to improve the growth potential for our Representatives, we designed and released the Power Re-Entry™ in the US and Canada. Power Re-Entry allows Representatives the opportunity to re-enter in any open position in their own power line OR under a completely separate team! ARIIX is the only company in the industry offering this amount of flexibility and power to our Representatives, truly giving them the ability for unlimited business potential. For all the details, click here.


Ultimate Pack










The Ultimate Pack was designed to save our Representatives money and also provide them with incredible benefits. With the purchase of an Ultimate Pack, Representatives will also get up to three additional pay lines and automatically earn one Power Re-Entry! Available in both the US and Canada, you simply can’t get more bang for your buck than with this pack. Get the details here.












Ever had a question about one of the ARIIX products but it’s 10 pm and ARIIX Support isn’t open? Well, that’s no longer a problem with Insight. You can now get answers quickly any time of the day, from wherever you are, just by pushing a button. Insight is a valuable database that houses key information, such as PDFs, FAQs, and Compensation Plan information. Try out Insight for yourself here and soon you’ll be able to find Insight in the xOffice!


Thanks for all of your hard work! We can’t wait to see how YOU use these new tools and resources to continue Unleashing the Human Potential for Good.

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  • susan keedy

    WOW event was great. Purchased my air purifier. Cant wait to get it. And share its benefits with my senior community friends.

    • ariixeditor

      Susan, we are excited along with you for you to receive your Puritii Air Purification System! We know you will thoroughly enjoy using it in your community. Thanks for commenting!

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