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SPECIAL HAS ENDED: Priime Daylight Saving Special


Sweeten your extra hour with an amazing Priime special offer!

For a limited time, Representatives in the US/CA market can buy a three-pack of Calm for 15% off their regular price and 75 PV! This means if you have IIX + AD your price is only $109.95! With these savings you can:

  • Sell two bottles for $122.52, minus your IIX + AD price of $109.95, and make a $12.57 profit plus keep the third bottle for yourself for FREE!
  • Retail all three at $183.78, minus your IIX + AD price of $109.95, and gain a profit of $73.38!

While an extra hour is helpful, a good night’s rest is so hard to find that 67% of people are actively seeking a solution for to sleep more soundly and, as an ARIIX Representative, you have the solution—Calm essential oil blend!

To take advantage of this limited time offer, purchase your three-pack of Calm in the Shopping Cart under the Priime tab here. Don’t wait, or you may miss out on this offer that ends November 13, 2015 at 11:59 MST. This special can also be your next auto-delivery order as long as it runs by November 14, 2015. Call ARIIX Support at (855) 462-7449 to add it to your ADO!

This special is designed to make building your business fun. For Representatives who are in the area, come learn more about Priime and join Ms. Elmuts and ARIIX President and Founder Mark Wilson at the Holiday Inn, Greensboro Airport, 6426 Burnt Poplar Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409 this Saturday, October 24, from 10 am–1:30 pm EDT. Managers and above are $10 at the door, guests are free!

*US/CA Market Only

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