6 Ways to Raise Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

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6 Ways to Raise Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

You’ve spent your adulthood building your own business and branching out into the sometimes-scary but worthwhile world of entrepreneurship. And guess what? You’ve found you LOVE it! The hours are perfect for your lifestyle and family and the salary gives you the freedom to pursue the opportunities and dreams you never thought imaginable. And that’s why you want to spread the love and success you’ve enjoyed.

As a parent, you want the best for your kids, so it’s just natural to share your entrepreneurial passion with the next generation. But how do you encourage this mindset in your little ones? What things do you foster to help them explore opportunities outside of the typical 9-5 lifestyle?

Here are some tips for raising your kids to be entrepreneurs so they can enjoy the freedom and flexibility you yourself have come to love.

Encourage problem solving. Entrepreneurs have to think outside the box when difficulties arise—and arise they certainly will. When issues come up in your child’s life, you aren’t doing them any favors by quickly providing the easiest solution. Instead, encourage them to look at the problem from different angles and help troubleshoot the many ways to approach this difficulty.

Leverage failure. Everyone fails and no one knows that better than an entrepreneur. In fact, statistics back this up, claiming nine out of ten new startup businesses end in failure. Prepare your kids for this by teaching them to learn from failure. Sometimes the best lessons are those that follow making mistakes and picking yourself back up to try again.

Teach financial principles. Sure, your kids will learn the difference between dimes and nickels at school, but they should know so much more about finances if they want to someday start their own business. Encourage a healthy appreciation for money and financial principles from an early age, and if you need some pointers to get you started, check out this article here.

Set goals. Teaching your kids to set goals for themselves also helps them in adulthood because sometimes entrepreneurship hinges upon realistic and sometimes risky goal setting. When a child wants something, help them understand the steps it will take to obtain that specific thing. Encourage them to set SMART goals and provide support for every step of their journey.

Foster a sense of adventure. Entrepreneurship is, if nothing else, an adventure into the unknown. Starting a business on your own means not knowing exactly what your journey will look like and it takes an adventurous spirit to persevere. Encourage adventure in your own kids because getting them involved in activities and events places them outside their personal comfort zone. They may even be amazed at how fun it is with the right attitude.

Make room for inspiration. Every child is wired differently and the world, including business, wouldn’t go round without each unique mind. As your child grows, let them explore their dreams and find inspiration in their surroundings. Encourage active and imaginative play and help them pursue their interests. You never know what hobbies might someday lead to profitable business ideas.

Being an entrepreneur can be tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. If you want to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in your little ones, follow these steps and your kids will be well on their way toward a rewarding future.

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