Simple and Natural Ways to Promote Peace This Holiday Season

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Simple and Natural Ways to Promote Peace This Holiday Season

The holiday season is typically marked by time with family, friends, parties, and events. For a lot of us, it’s a happy time to connect with what’s important in our lives. For others, however, this time of year means added stress, anxiety, and chaos. If you’re in the second boat, the following essential oils will help you remain cool under pressure this holiday season.

Lavender has calming properties that can help control emotional stress. It also naturally soothes nerves and relieves tension.[1]

Neroli has a calming effect that increases the oxygen supply to both the blood and brain.[2]

Peppermint helps calm an unsettled stomach and settles uneasiness.[3] It’s particularly helpful to use during traveling to and from holiday events.

Geranium has been used in the past to help people relax and patients to cope with pain.[3]

Roman chamomile helps reduce stress and eases muscle tension. Though it’s a versatile oil, chamomile’s primary effect is instilling calmness in its user.[3]

Bergamot induces a state of relaxation and peace with a refreshing scent.

Marjoram helps contribute to a state of restfulness in both the mind and body. It is also known to help users achieve a more restorative night’s rest.[3]

If you find yourself frazzled during the hectic holidays, essential oils provide a calming, restorative, and natural way to promote peace and tranquility so you can enjoy this time with your loved ones. Some of our favorite ways to use oils include:

  • Diluted in carrier oils for a relaxing massage.
  • Applied topically to targeted areas of concern.
  • Diffused throughout the home to instill peace to the whole family.
  • A few drops added to a tissue in your pillow for a restoring night of sleep.
  • As an addition to a soothing and comforting bath.

Here’s to happy, healthy, and peaceful holidays!


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