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Over the past 60 days, more than 500 incredible individuals have been on a mission to create a whole new level of health and wellness for themselves, as participants in the Drops-to-Drop Challenge 2018. We applaud everyone who participated in the Challenge for your courage, discipline and motivation to make this positive change in your life.

And now…drumroll, please! Congratulations to the winners of the Slenderiiz Drops-to-Drop Challenge!

Read their stories and watch their videos for a truly inspiring account of their journeys to success.

Grand Prize Winner, Jim Everett

Blog_Grand Prize copy

Jim Everett decided that his bourbon-swilling, doughnut-eating, non-exercising days had to come to an end, for the sake of his young children. His inspiration to begin the Slenderiiz Challenge? “If I want to be around for their ‘walk down the aisle,’ it’s time to transform this shell of a body back into a little something closer to what it once was!” Jim needed more energy to keep up with the kids and stay awake in the evenings. He wanted a better quality of life, and he knew he needed to make some serious changes in order to achieve it.

Jim joined a gym for the first time in 30 years and couldn’t wait to get started on the Slenderiiz™ Challenge. At 58 years old, he wasn’t expecting to win any awards…but he wanted a complete transformation in his health and his business, and he was ready to do all it took to make it happen. “It won’t be pretty, but I’m all in!” he claimed. And was he ever!

In Jim’s mind, success was just a matter of following the plan. Eat what is on the Approved Foods list, work out, and, of course, use the Slenderiix™ and Xceler8™ drops. He also added a little “won’t power” to his personal recipe for success, as in, “I won’t have any of that!”

“The Slenderiiz Clinical Pack, Moa™, Nutrifii™, the Optimals — the whole line works so well together when you use them as directed. What a concept: Just follow the instructions!”

The toughest challenge for Jim was being challenged, rather than encouraged, by others along the way. “People would tell me I’m losing too fast and ask, why diet, are you sick?” When you make the commitment to change your life and truly challenge yourself, others sometimes see it as a threat. The key is to fix your eyes on your own goal and keep making progress, ignoring the naysayers along the way. Jim just kept following the plan, and as he began to experience the results of his commitment, he realized he could truly make his transformation happen.

Jim claims to be a work in progress with plenty of room for improvement, but he has already experienced a series of incredible victories on his weight loss journey. A 60-lb weight loss, more energy, new clothes, the ability to tie his own shoes and stay awake past 7 p.m. — these are just a few of the victories that make life better for him and his family. Congratulations on taking the first step, and the second…following the plan with dedication and perseverance, and making it to the winners’ circle! You may not have expected to be here, but we’re so glad you are!

1st Place Weight Loss Winner, Hannibal Bray

Blog_1 Weight Loss copy

Hannibal Bray’s son, Atticus, just turned six months old, and Hannibal just made sure he’ll be around to play an active role in raising him and setting a good example for healthy living and lifelong fitness. The timing was perfect!

Hannibal was inspired to lose weight in order to be a truly great dad. The kind that works hard throughout the week to support his family, and still has the energy for soccer practice, a game of catch, or a run around the track, too. He wants to be around for every major milestone, and every small one, because when you are a father, small things are big things, and all of it matters.

He began the Challenge knowing it would be difficult, but committed to his goal. The toughest part was during his first week, when his body was detoxing from all the sugar and processed foods. But the Slenderiix™ and Xceler8™ drops really helped keep him feeling satisfied, so that he could stay the course with the meal plan. Creating a lifestyle change requires the proper tools and preparation. Being caught hungry without a healthy snack can derail your whole day. Hannibal never left home without his Slenderiix and Xceler8 drops, plus his shaker bottle, PureNourish™ and Power Boost™.

In addition to a good meal plan, Hannibal had access to a great support system. He knows as well as anyone that when the going gets tough, the tough get help. During the Slenderiiz Challenge, he found strength he never knew he had through the encouragement and accountability of other participants working to change their own lives. Knowing others are doing their best to eat right, exercise daily, and “just say no” to that tempting dessert can make all the difference when you find yourself in the trenches. Hannibal continues to tap into this phenomenal community of support whenever he feels the need for an extra boost of willpower.

Not only did Hannibal lose 63 pounds and almost 10 inches, but he is also now empowered with knowledge. Knowing how to lose the weight, and how to keep it off for good, is truly an unparalleled victory. Hannibal is equipped with the tools he needs to maintain his healthy body for life.

“I look younger, I feel amazing, I have more energy than ever…and by sharing my results, I’m naturally attracting awesome people with similar goals! Being able to pay this gift of health forward is truly fulfilling. These products work, and it’s so fun to share them.”

Hannibal’s team has grown in just a few short months. As a team, they are pursuing great health together, because today is the perfect time!

Watch Hannibal Bray's Video

1st Place % Body Fat Winner, Martha Torres


For Martha Torres, getting healthy had become a life or death situation. She was enjoying her day-to-day life when she experienced something unexpected and traumatic. During the car ride home from the happiest place on Earth —Disneyland — she suffered a minor stoke, which the doctors later identified as a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).

Martha remembers not feeling well on the way home. She felt a constant numbing, tingling pain in her left arm, and the feeling transferred to her face. That’s when she passed out. The moment she woke in the car, she realized she couldn’t speak. It was as if her facial muscles and brain were fighting to open her lips. Minutes later, the symptoms vanished, but she didn’t call for help. She thought it was just a phase, until the same symptoms occurred again the following day. She was rushed to the hospital, and she kept thinking, “What in the world did I do to myself?” She couldn’t believe this was happening to her at the young age of 26. As a result, Martha was inspired to get fit, get healthy, and make some big changes.

The hardest part of the Slenderiiz™ Challenge was the beginning, when she couldn’t see any changes on the scale. She began taking weekly pictures and tracking her results from there. Her body was going through major withdrawals from the lack of sugar and adjusting to a healthier meal plan. And in mid-February, Martha was in a car accident, which resulted in back and neck problems. The doctor told her that she couldn’t exercise, but instead needed to just relax. She had to readjust and focus more on healthy eating and water intake.

Martha stayed committed through all the obstacles, never giving up! “When things get rough, don’t quit. You’re just around the corner from your breakthrough. These past two months have given me so much more confidence and belief in myself,” she shares.

The Optimals are Martha’s foundational ARIIX product. For the Slenderiiz Drops-to-Drop Challenge, she chose the Slenderiiz Clinical Pack. The Puritii™ Water Filtration System was her constant companion for pure, clean water on the go, and Restoriix™ helped her to detox before beginning the Challenge. She loves all of the products and uses them faithfully to help her body enjoy the very best health.

On her way to improved health and wellness, Martha has been an inspiration to family and friends to reflect on the kind of lifestyle they have been living, and the kind they would like to live. She no longer craves fast food or junk food. She is more aware and can now look for healthier alternatives, even while she’s out enjoying her life once more.

Watch Martha Torres' Video

2nd Place Weight Loss Winner, Joshua Galloway

Blog_2 Weight Loss copy

To put it simply, Joshua Galloway was ready to lose weight. The pressure and stress on his knees at work and the asthmatic symptoms that kept him up at night had to stop. “At 27 years old, I shouldn’t be feeling like that!” he says.

When he began the Slenderiiz™ Challenge, Joshua experienced the added challenge of being surrounded by food at work, which he serves to others, but was unable to eat himself. Although he works at a hospital, access to healthy options is incredibly limited.

To combat cravings, Joshua started his days with a PureNourish™ shake and chocolate Power Boost™. For dinner during his last break at work, he drank another shake. On workout days (approximately two days a week), he took Restoriix™ following his workout or before bed. And he added the orange Beauty Boost™ to almond milk for a snack whenever he wanted some variety.

Joshua’s greatest victory through the Slenderiiz Challenge was resetting his food mentality. The way he views weight, nutrition and health has completely changed for the better. Food no longer has control over him. He sees it only as sustenance for his body, not a vehicle to make himself feel good!

Now, others see Joshua in a whole new light! His coworkers say he carries himself differently. Throughout the past two months, hearing their compliments has encouraged him to stay strong. “I think the confidence I gained from the weight loss helped shape that narrative,” he says. And today, he feels as young as he is.

Watch Josh Galloway's Video

2nd Place % Body Fat Winner, Jackie Johnson


Several years ago, Jackie Johnson and her family lost their home in Fremont. The stress and fear resulting from that situation drove Jackie to seek comfort in food, and before she knew it, she had gained more than 40 pounds. “Feeling comfortable in my own body is more of a challenge now. I don’t feel as beautiful or as sexy as I once did, now having stretch marks all over my body,” she says.

But this is Jackie’s year. This year, as a result of the Slenderiiz™ Drops-to-Drop Challenge, Jackie hopes to transform into the slimmer, healthier person she once was. Initially, her motivation was to look good at a friend’s wedding. But through the Challenge, Jackie has become an inspiration to others who believe that if she can do it, they can too. She lives her life now with more courage and self-confidence than ever before.

When she began the Challenge, it was hard to give up the comfort of French fries and other deep fried foods, but preparing ahead of time helped her avoid pitfalls. Meal planning played a key role in Jackie’s weight loss success. She also kept PureNourish™ on hand for quick, on-the-go meals, and the Slenderiiz Clinical Pack gave her the added support of increased metabolism and satiety.

Jackie is learning not to seek her comfort in food, but to believe in herself and her ability to be a strong woman. “My greatest victory is knowing I can do it.”

3rd Place Weight Loss Winner, Eric Martin

Blog_3 Weight Loss copy

At 35 years old, Eric Martin weighed about 340 pounds. He had always been big — the football lineman, the heavyweight wrestler — but now his body hurt, he felt depressed, and he knew his weight was out of control. He worked out daily, but couldn’t seem to lose any more. When Eric’s trainer suggested he join the Slenderiiz Drops-to-Drop Challenge to give himself the extra push he needed, he decided to take the plunge.

Saying no was the hardest part — saying no to another beer, dessert, dining out with friends — when it meant it would lead him off plan. But the more he said no, the easier it became. Eric is learning the difference between physiological hunger and emotional hunger, and how to say no to himself. “Surrounding yourself with positive people helps. Acknowledging that I am far from perfect and will make poor choices and mistakes here and there…that helps,” he shares. He knows that when he makes a poor choice, he can still make a good choice next time. One mistake doesn’t have to mean throwing the whole plan out the window.

Forty pounds of weight loss success later, Eric has formed many habits that will carry him through his continued journey. He knows what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and how to say no. He knows how to get active, how to ask for help, and how to encourage others, too. Pretty good start to 2018, if you ask us.

Watch Eric Martin's Video

3rd Place % Body Fat Winner, Joseph Hossman


Joseph Hossman found himself in the hospital four times in recent years with swollen, infected legs due to poor circulation and being overweight. He knew he needed to lose weight, but back injuries prevented him from getting active, and the subsequent recovery from two spinal surgeries kept him laid up longer still. After months of eating whatever he wanted, he realized it was time to get serious about weight loss.

“With encouragement from my upline, Ronnie Blakeney, I started the Drops-to-Drop Challenge,” he says. When Joseph began the Slenderiiz Challenge, he experienced results using the Slenderiix™ and Xceler8™ drops and sticking closely to the Approved Foods list. But after losing about 32 pounds, he reached a plateau. It was frustrating and discouraging, knowing he had so much more to lose, but feeling unable to move forward. Words of encouragement and a cheering, pep-talking crowd in the Slenderiiz Challenge community helped him pick himself up and keep going. His upline made sure he spoke with others who had experienced success and could give him the inspiration he needed. Joseph believes that is what true community looks like.

His path has taken him to weight loss success and a significant reduction in the swelling and infections, but his journey is far from over. His goal is to continue taking the ARIIX products and to stay on plan this year.

Joseph has tasted success, and his journey will continue. He knows the program works and that there are people there to help when he needs it most.

These amazing stories are truly inspiring, and you can do it, too! Let Slenderiiz support you on your own life-changing journey to weight loss success.

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