Global News—ARIIX Spring Beauty Seminar in Japan

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Global News—ARIIX Spring Beauty Seminar in Japan

Recently, ARIIX Japan held a Beauty Seminar in three major cities including Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. ARIIX’s new Sales Manager for Japan, Sonoko Sakurai, presented, speaking about the revolutionary features of both Jouvé and Priime Essential Oils. All products were overviewed in a helpful and understandable way so that Representatives were sure to fully grasp the unlimited benefits of these two brands.ariixjapanspringbeauty

The seminar was incredibly successful and excited the group of attendees. One Representative even commented, “I look forward to using Jouvé! I never knew the power of Priime oils and can’t wait to try them right away!”


ARIIX is honored to be able to demonstrate its superior products so that Representatives and Preferred Customers fully understand the benefits they receive when working with and using the many brands offered by the company.

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