Steve Wolf – RevvNRG Co-founder Talks Ariix Merger

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Steve Wolf – RevvNRG Co-founder Talks Ariix Merger

Steve Wolf

Ariix, RevvNRG & The Merger

I am a co-founder and top distributor for RevvNRG. In the summer of 2012 our company was faced with a hard decision as a result of negative actions and bad decision making from a couple of top people in our company. We had to do something, and we had to do it fast. I was introduced to ARIIX as I was searching for a company to partner with RevvNRG. I needed to ensure a bright future for our distributors while keeping our healthy lifestyle brand on course. I hopped on a plane from where I live near San Diego, sat down at ARIIX headquarters with CEO Fred Cooper, and we talked about the possibility of merging RevvNRG and ARIIX together. I’ve seen a lot of good companies, and a lot of bad companies, and by the time I had met with Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Riley Timmer, Deanna Latson and the rest of the management team, I knew that RevvNRG had found the best company possible to be involved with.

RevvNRG is a healthy lifestyle company, which fits very well with ARIIX’s mission of unleashing the human potential for good. Both of our visions are set very high, and that’s why I felt a synergy with ARIIX from the start. We are both building legacy companies for good. As a younger guy in the industry, I started at 23 and am now 29, I’ve seen thousands who are always searching for the next big thing, hopping from one company to the next, chasing the dream. This style of network marketing never fit in with my philosophy of staying the course through thick and thin, and building a long-term company without the option of failure or quitting. I knew that we needed a game changer like ARIIX to help us get to where we wanted to be.

You can tell a lot about a company by how corporate sees their role with distributors. For most, you have the “ivory tower” syndrome, where management loses touch with distributors, mindless of the struggles they face or the support they need. That’s when a company goes from big to eventually failing. When I met Fred, I looked at the experience, the successfulness of their experience and the products. I asked myself, “Are they relevant, can they back up their claims, who is their target market and how well do they understand that market?” That’s when I was really impressed with CPO Deanna Latson. Her knowledge and insight into the market, and her passionate, personal connection with the products is beyond comparison.

While ARIIX is newer than some, what they’ve accomplished highlights their professionalism, knowledge and successful experience within this industry. This was the first company that I’ve ever seen that is extremely transparent in their care for the distributors. They have taken steps, such as with the Representative Bill of Rights, to protect their distributors even when they don’t realize they need to protect themselves. ARIIX is setting a new industry standard of the way that the corporate world should be in an MLM company.

Now that ARIIX and RevvNRG are working together, I’m working on creating a system to train distributors. What they need right now more than anything is a system to train and help them move forward. I am creating it for our own teams right now and in the future plan to share it company-wide. I’m excited about this merger and the incredible people it has brought to the table, like Casey Combden, Tim Sales and Robert Allen. I am always looking for ways to help others realize success with their own businesses and teams and I am looking forward to building a massive worldwide organization that seeks to push people to their highest human potential.

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