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Success and Weight Loss – “Dangerous Perception” A Candid Story

For as long as I could remember, weight loss products found their way into my household. My mother, an always fit, seemingly healthy woman would tune into to the early morning workouts found on TV,  with two 30 minute sessions over 2 different shows, by mid-afternoon and almost daily the mailman would drop off a package, from vitamins to the thigh-master to the ab-roller. Everything that you would see on TV made it’s way into our living room.

Was my mom a health nut ?

I remember as a kid asking her “mom why do you buy these things? You barely use them.” After all I was pretty aware the price of some of these weight loss products, and I would have much rather that money go towards the latest Super Mario Brothers Game. With a straight face she would tell me “they don’t work!” Now as a kid I believed her, the infomercials promised incredible results, nearly overnight, beautiful women flaunting their bikini curves, handsome men with washboard abs that made even me at 12 years old feel insecure.

Weight Loss Failure or Perception

Now my mother stood a whopping 5’3″ and weighed in at a very light 115 lbs, managed to win the love of many of my prepubescent friends, my mother was the girl next door, beautiful, charming, intelligent, but sick! The conclusion that something might not be right started in junior high school. Our health class seemed to tailor more to the girls than the boys. The boys couldn’t care less about self image, we just wanted to play dodge ball and render our opponents conscious-less. I remember so vividly the term body dysmorphic disorder my attention so acute, finally a diagnoses for my mothers compulsiveness to whip out the credit card and order anything with a 1-800 number that promised the “Baywatch” body.

According to Wikipedia:

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD, also body dysmorphia, dysmorphic syndrome; originally dysmorphophobia) is a type of mental illness, a somatoform disorder, wherein the affected person is concerned with body image, manifested as excessive concern about and preoccupation with a perceived defect of their physical features.[1][2] The person thinks they have a defect in either one feature or several features of their body, which causes psychological distress that causes clinically significant distress or impairs occupational or social functioning. Often BDD co-occurs with emotional depression and anxiety, social withdrawal or social isolation.[3]

It was apparent that her compulsiveness and anxiety was due to her perceived inadequate image of herself. I saw pictures of my mom as a young girl and to say she was “hardly flattering” would be an understatement. The mockery from bullies and the “TV” promise of the “killer bod” for sure was a catalyst for her behavior and disorder, add the recent divorce from my father, and you have a “self esteem” disaster waiting to happen. I mean how else could you explain the naivete of an individual who buys into the totally unsafe “Hollywood Diet” where the pitch is “LOSE 10 pounds in 48 hours.” The weight loss industry preyed on individuals like my mother, after all in a market so competitive it was more about the companies bottom-line, the quick buck, a churn and burn industry that played into the hopes, and dreams of many individuals with hype more venomous than anything you could find in the “land down under” (Australia) .

Ariix – The Anti Hype Weight Loss – Nutrition & Health Company

Ariix is keen to use the stories of real people, not celebrities, not paid actors but real people. We see a weight loss product that is built around the average person and not the genetically gifted guy or girl on TV showing off for “Bowflex”, we don’t see Suzanne Somers, and her incredible legs, we don’t see Tony Little (the over caffeinated TV personality) who calls himself “America’s Personal Trainer”.

We do see average people like yourself, who want to change their lives, we use testimonials only of “REAL PEOPLE” who are intimately in love with our products not only because they work, but because the program is a long term solution to healthy weight loss, that can easily be implemented into your everyday life.

Complete with:

  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • All Natural Supplements (Clinically Proven)
  • Fitness Calculators
  • Communities – Visit our Facebook Page
  • User Forum’s

Ariix is conscious of not adding to trite and overly used marketing messages so pronounced in the weight loss industry – We don’t marinate our products in hype, false promises, or gimmicky equipment . We don’t have to! Our users and distributors are our only voice to the success of our products and our fan base is growing like wildfire , through an old fashioned marketing method called “word of mouth” which is the biggest compliment.

For people like my mother. Ariix couldn’t have come any sooner – the reality and perception of successful weight loss has been fogged by corporate giants who care more about their shareholders than they do about their customers. The emotional, psychological, and health burdens caused by such companies can never be truly compensated for.

“Unleash your human potential” so eloquently stated is about YOU not us, it’s about your success, not ours – it’s about educating, motivating, and supporting you and your goals, it’s not about you adopting our goals in cookie cutter fashion, but helping you to strategically reach your own.

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