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Success Story — Pam and Jim Everett (ARIIX Nation)

2016 Premier Ambitious Award Winner


Winner of ARIIX’s North American Ambitious Elite Annual Recognition Award, Pam and Jim Everett were honored for their outstanding successes as ARIIX Representatives. We reached out to Pam and Jim to share their thoughts about starting strong and staying the course, no matter how long you’ve been a part of the ARIIX family.

Q: Tell us about your life before network marketing, and how you made the transition?

A: Jim and I owned and operated two restaurants in Maine.  I was also a full-time pre-med student. The transition to network marketing was “all-in” right from the start, because our business burned to the ground shortly after we decided to start our network marketing business. We began by prospecting all the people that came into the restaurant.  We held a weekly meeting above the restaurant, then three months later the building and our livelihood were destroyed in a tragic fire. We decided to put our full weight behind the business and in 18 months we had reached six figures. We never stopped growing, building a large sales force and achieving “fastest growing organization worldwide” in 2008. We were hired by other organizations to speak and train audiences ranging from 50 to 1,500, and became Certified National Trainers and Speakers for 12 years, coaching teams as large as 250.

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Q: What strategies supported your success?

A: Success looks so simple once you have it, and I know many people think successful people must have something special or are just lucky.  We believe luck takes place when preparation meets opportunity. We believe the strategy of success in network marketing is to study your business, care more for your team’s success than your own, and take action CONSISTENTLY. Most importantly, never miss an event and never go alone if you can avoid it.


Q: What made ARIIX stand out for you?

There are many companies in this industry.  Some have great products, some have great leadership, and a small few have great compensation.  ARIIX encompasses all of these in one.  Their products are well above what most would consider great, largely due to ARIIX Chief Product Officer and Founder, Deanna Latson’s “no compromise” standards toward ingredient sourcing and product manufacturing. This makes it possible to offer something NO other company is offering. A unique product is key to any good business model.

Leadership in a company is an easy issue to overlook for someone new to the industry, but it is more crucial than products or pay structures. If the leadership isn’t beyond reproach in their commitment to integrity and success in the ranks, rather than to their pocket book, a Representative can work as hard as they want, but the stability of their income will inevitably be lost to the greed which plagues successful CEOs and Corporate teams. ARIIX CEO, Fred Cooper, and ARIIX President, Mark Wilson, along with the entire corporate team’s commitment to this philosophy, are examples of leadership at the corporate level to be modeled for the entire industry and who embody the meaning of leadership one should seek to follow.  ARIIX’s corporate team puts their money where their mouth is and provided this commitment to the field in ARIIX’s “Representative Bill of Rights.”

A company must have excellent compensation though. It has been said that not everyone is working for money, but we look at network marketing as a way to help people and feed our family.  If we can’t feed our family, then it isn’t a business. ARIIX offers the highest-paying compensation plan in the industry today at nearly 51% of revenue intake being returned to the field in the form of compensation.  The compensation is the best product we have, because it solves everyone’s problems in the world today: money to buy products, money to buy health, and money to buy what we need.  If someone doesn’t think money is important, they have never lived without it. ARIIX’s plan is also unique, because it offers extraordinary compensations no matter where your talents lie.  The compensation is divided in eight ways, each rewarding individuals based on whether they are good in recruiting, selling or training.  Most companies offer plans that provided generous compensation only for those who are recruiters. ARIIX, however, pays recruiters, retailers, and trainers handsomely. If someone can do it all, one’s income potential could humble even a top executive in corporate America.

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