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Success Story — Ava Michelle Herrera

For the last decade, Ava Herrera has made a name for herself in the television industry as a director and production coordinator for well-known brands such as MTV, Food Network, Bravo, VH1, TLC and BBC. With such a demanding job, she found herself at the mercy of the television industry’s fluctuating schedule and the challenges of living on the road between hotels and new cities. While she enjoyed the experience, it began to take a toll on her well-being. She put on a noticeable amount of weight and was constantly sick and fatigued. She realized she was physically displaying symptoms of what was really going on inside. She reached a point where she thought, “Enough is enough!”

Around this time, her cousin told her about a company that was changing lives for the better through radical transformations that helped them achieve the best version of themselves. Ava hopped on her first ARIIX conference call and made the decision to revolutionize her life. She realized the importance of health maintenance from her experience in the television industry and decided to take a stand and join ARIIX. She credits ARIIX and its products for her soaring energy levels and the pivotal role the company played in helping her achieve a healthier lifestyle. ARIIX was the launching pad she needed to transform her life.

Today, Ava runs a health revolution community known as Hollywood Health Empire, where she inspires and coaches others to take control of their lives. As an ARIIX Senior Officer, Ava leads a successful team of entrepreneurs and is a crusader for optimal healthy living.

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