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Success Story — Ayumu Kanno

Ayumu Kanno’s brother, Wataru, had been asking him to join ARIIX for a year before he finally agreed to meet and learn more about the opportunity. Ayumu had experienced failure and the negative stigma of the network marketing industry in the past, so he was uncertain. But the night he heard about ARIIX, he couldn’t sleep from excitement about the unlimited opportunity before him. It was greater than anything he had ever imagined!

Ayumu and his brother, Wataru

Before he was introduced to ARIIX, Ayumu was the leader of a large gang. His life was completely different from his brother’s. Nobody would have been surprised if he’d been arrested any day. But he didn’t want to live that life anymore. He had always been compared to his brother, and he felt crushed by that pressure. Still, he wanted to do more with his life and live up to his family’s expectations. He wanted to make a change.

Wataru told him that if he wanted to experience success, he had to change everything except his name. Ayumu abandoned pride, changed the way he spoke, practiced courtesy and grooming — everything. He became a respectable person in the true meaning of the word.

Ayumu had been living in a world of darkness, but when he discovered ARIIX, he saw the light, and he felt that he could transform his life 180 degrees. Ayumu believes that through ARIIX, dreams can come true!

Today, Ayumu’s goal is to help make ARIIX the No. 1 direct-selling company in the world! He is working toward achieving Chairperson 2 this year. Ayumu is very thankful for his family’s support, even when he was not walking the right path. Now, he will work hard in Japan and the world!

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