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Success Story — Chisako Watanabe

When Chisako heard about the ARIIX opportunity from a friend, she was captivated by the products and the promising future of the company, as well as the unique and award-winning compensation plan. Three days after she joined, ARIIX Travel™ was launched, and her interest and excitement soared. This opportunity just kept getting better!

At first, Chisako was in no hurry to build a serious business. She gave her future little thought and took time for granted. But after attending a training seminar, her eyes were opened to the many ways of sharing the ARIIX opportunity and experiencing success. She realized that ARIIX Travel could make the perfect segue into introducing the opportunity to others.

Since joining ARIIX, Chisako has learned to appreciate how quickly time passes, how valuable it is, and to make the most of every day. She knows she has to act in order to become what she wants to be, and she feels lucky to be surrounded by individuals who are working together toward the same goals.

Today Chisako has a team of 100 and counting. She shares that this is not because she is a great leader, but because ARIIX has a great plan which moves people’s hearts, and because she has a great upline. This business is all about sharing your excitement with others, and Chisako believes that if she is not passionate, then her words cannot live. She continues to feel excitement and a desire to share with everyone she meets, which keeps her business alive and growing.

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