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Success Story — Christie Egbuchunam

ARIIX Wellness Council Member

As a global family filled with exceptional people, we often find ourselves impressed by Representatives who distinguish themselves in a way that demonstrates the growth and vision possible when Unleashing the Human Potential for Good. Today, we’re excited to share the story of Christie U. Egbuchunam, MD, MPH, a doctor based in Mansfield, Texas, along with her strategies for making a difference in people’s lives.

Q: How did you find ARIIX and network marketing?

A: My interest is in nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals, which help promote wellness and disease prevention. This is what I was searching for when I found ARIIX. I had tried and used various products in the past for myself, however, was always seeking better products supported by evidence-based research.  Very late last year, a friend with whom I have discussed my desire for better and more scientifically plausible and affordable products called me and stated that she found what I was looking for. Initially I was very skeptical. However, I did some research and was very impressed with what I found. The company and the products had great reviews. Most importantly I found several of their products in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference). They have great quality with multiple seals of approval and information is available about specific ingredients in each product and what they do that makes scientific sense.

Q: What made you decide to build your business with ARIIX?

A: When I was presented with the business side of ARIIX my initial reaction was “No!” I was wary of anything that might be a scam so I wasn’t interested.  However, it became increasingly clear to me as I continued my research that signing up provided me with the option of becoming an insider and learning more about the products. Then I was introduced to the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan and the ARIIX Representative Bill of Rights, and it all made a lot of sense. This compensation plan is realistic and does not force you to do anything uncomfortable or back you into a corner. It is also very transparent, easy to understand and plausible.

I have to say that the greatest virtue ARIIX has as a company is that it is very transparent. A few weeks after joining ARIIX, I met Mark Wilson when he came to Arlington, Texas to speak to our team. My husband and I spoke with him one-on-one and we were very impressed at how open and honest he was in answering all our questions. Last month, I had the privilege of visiting the ARIIX headquarters in Bountiful, Utah and met the wonderful people that work behind the scenes. Being there I felt like part of a family filled with nice people with great passion that you can feel when you are around them. The high point of my visit was touring the manufacturing plant in Utah where the products are made. I learned so much and was so impressed by the standards maintained at this plant and the extreme measures taken to provide great quality and safe products starting from the sourcing of the raw materials to the final product.

Q: How are you able to integrate your ARIIX business into your life?

A: Taking care of people and introducing them to beneficial products like ARIIX’s is very much a part of what I do. I am known as a “wellness” physician and am passionate about disease prevention. I have been a physician now for 26 years and have practiced in different parts of the world. I prefer to be the kind of physician who is able to offer total care to my patients incorporating both conventional disease management as well as wellness and prevention medicine. I get astonishing results and disease reversals that surprise even me. It takes more time because you have to actually talk to your patients each visit and get to know them and what they are dealing with in order to offer the right kind of care, education and training about nutrition and lifestyle changes but it is extremely rewarding. This is how I found ARIIX and why it has become such an essential part of my business and my life.

Q: What are some of your strategies for success?

A: Medically, I treat every patient as a unique individual with respect to where they are with their health and how much they are willing to push back against their disease or prevention of disease. I play the roles of both coach and cheerleader. In terms of business, I am relatively new to this. I do not really focus on network marketing, instead I focus on educating people, especially physicians and other health care professionals, about what I know. I am very passionate about this. I talk to patients who transfer to my practice and I watch their health blossom or I watch them reach their goals through an interplay of conventional prescription medications where needed and natural nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, etc. Simply put, my success strategy is this: As I share my passion and focus on making people well and teaching other people to do the same, just as ARIIX does, business success is inevitable.

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