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Success Story — HyunWoong Park

HyunWoong Park is a master of his craft, and he’s only just beginning. A twenty-something ARIIX business owner, HyunWoong has a bright and exciting future before him as a leading Representative in Korea. He has built an entire empire based on successful weight loss and weight management, creating a tailored program that has helped not only himself, but many other Reps as well, to reach the target weight of their dreams. So successful are his colleagues, in fact, that one was featured on stage at this year’s Disruptive by Design World Reunion in Hong Kong.

HyunWoong’s ARIIX business is doing well, and he’s also incredibly successful at utilizing social media. He teaches courses on how social media can improve your business, and his entire team has experienced tremendous success because of the tried-and-true knowledge he shares. HyunWoong is making a name for himself and spreading the ARIIX message across all social media platforms, taking the market by storm.

In August of 2017, HyunWoong achieved the title of ARIIX Officer, proving there’s no stopping him. He is a prime example of the tremendous potential of hardworking, passionate millennials, and we look forward to many more years working with him.

*Always check with your healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program, and before discontinuing or reducing dosage of prescription medications. A consumer study showed that individuals lost an average of 13 to 15 pounds in 28 days on the Slenderiiz™ program. Results may vary depending on diet and exercise.

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