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Success Story — Jane Bolen

Q: Tell us a little about your background and the path that led you to where you are now.
I was a horse trainer specializing in training and showing Quarter Horses and coaching youth and amateur competitors at a national level. Following my passion for horses taught me not to settle, and to go for whatever was in my heart. I learned a lot about caring for the horses and switched to an all-natural approach, which then led me to helping people as well as animals with alternative approaches. I am currently an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner and have certifications in nutrition and health coaching.

Q: How did you discover ARIIX?
I like to say that ARIIX found me. I asked a friend what a mutual acquaintance was doing, and she said he was with a company called ARIIX, so looked it up. At first, I thought, “Oh great, another nutrition company.” had seen them all, and I knew better than to believe their hype because could read labels and knew about clean ingredients.

When I saw Slenderiiz™, I got kind of excited. Everyone I was working with wanted to lose weight or had a health challenge where their body was not in balance. I loved homeopathic remedies and was impressed by the combination of Slenderiix™ and Xceler8™. I checked out the other ARIIX products and was really enthused because I couldn’t find anything wrong with them, only cutting-edge, good ingredients! I called a friend and told her about it, and she said if I got involved, she would too.

Q: How do you balance your ARIIX business with your busy life?
ARIIX is my take-anywhere, on-the-go business. Seriously, where do you go where someone couldn’t benefit from more energy, better sleep, supporting optimal health and weight loss? People are everywhere, and they are looking for answers.

Success Story Jane Bolen

Q: Any success strategies you would like to share with our readers?
Get to the place of knowing — not knowing about everything or every product, but the deep knowing that you can make a difference. The industry is brilliant, our company is solid and takes care of us, and the products are no-compromise and top-of-the line. Most importantly, you draw the line in the sand and say, “No matter what, I am not quitting!” Make a decision and watch what happens.

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