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Success Story — Ko Family

The Ko family is taking ARIIX Japan by storm and truly creating a “family” business. Yuri Ko is the first female CEO in the region. Her mother, Fumi, and brother, Kenji, are monumental leaders as well. All three consistently land on top ranking lists of Representatives in Japan week after week. We had the opportunity to discuss the behind-the-scenes of their success and are thrilled to share it with you today.

How did you get started with ARIIX?

Fumi: Surprisingly enough, I was trying to stop my son, Kenji, from joining ARIIX when I first heard of the company. I was skeptical of the network marketing industry. But then I learned more about the company and its incredible patent-pending ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan, and I realized this organization wasn’t like the others. I immediately enrolled myself as an ARIIX Representative.

Yuri: I heard of ARIIX the same way — I went with my mother to a meeting to stop my brother from joining. I never considered direct sales as a viable business option for myself or my family, but seeing both my brother’s and my mother’s enthusiasm was contagious and before I knew it, I was signing up too!

Kenji: Previously, I worked for a major cosmetics company. I was quickly drawn to ARIIX because of its valuable products made of the very best ingredients, unlike many others I had previously worked with. I looked further into the company’s business model and was attracted to the ACTIV8 Compensation Plan. I knew that for me, it was the most surefire way to success and the financial stability I was looking for.

How did you launch your ARIIX business?

Kenji: When we all started our ARIIX businesses, we had a conflict of opinions, but ultimately the same goal. Our family bond also helped us overcome many obstacles. We work well together and independently, and we rely on each other’s strengths. We stay focused on our goals and support one another in getting there.

How do you envision your future?

Fumi:My ultimate dream is to spend more time with my family. With ARIIX, I enjoy a more flexible schedule than before and I love having that freedom!

Yuri: I want to continue spending time with my family and friends. I love that ARIIX fits so perfectly into my lifestyle. It’s not like having a business, it’s simply sharing what I love with the people I care the most about. And to top it off, I feel much more secure in my future.

Kenji: I have so many dreams for myself and my business in the future. We are dedicated to becoming the number-one family-run ARIIX business in the world. We are working on making ARIIX a social phenomenon in Japan. The economic outlook in Japan currently makes me appreciate this opportunity all the more. I believe that in time, secondary streams of income, like the one my family is creating through ARIIX, will be absolutely necessary. I want to share this insight with the people I care about so they too can prepare for the future.

Ko Family Success Story

Did you have any tips for success for our readers?

Fumi: Forget the here and now, and focus on your future. What is it you envision? What is the life you want to live? When you have a perfect picture of what you want, run after it, and know that ARIIX gives you the tools to turn those dreams into reality.

Kenji: From the moment I heard about ARIIX, I knew the company was different. Sure, it’s a network marketing company, but it’s also a totally different thing. It’s an industry of its own. Don’t be afraid to overturn the outdated image of this industry. Don’t be afraid to disrupt preconceived ideals. ARIIX is the tool to bring real change. We really look forward to our future now with ARIIX.

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