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Success Story — Koki Matsuda

When a star rises through the ranks at ARIIX, it is our absolute privilege to recognize them for their dedication and passionate efforts. Koki Matsuda is a brilliant example of this, and we are honored to bestow upon him the 2017 Unleash Award.

With a strong sense of responsibility, Koki is a leader in Japan. From modest beginnings, Koki began hosting a small annual event in 2014 called Star of Tomorrow. This event has now grown into one of ARIIX Japan’s largest yearly gatherings. This year was record-breaking with more than 3,500 Representatives in attendance. And while the event gets larger and grander every year, Koki remains very much involved in its production, from organization to filling in behind the scenes wherever a need arises. His passion is evident in all that he does, making this a much-anticipated event by local Representatives year after year.

Success Story — Koki Matsuda

Koki is well regarded not only by his downline, but by other downlines within the organization as well. He is focused on helping other ARIIX Representatives and is happiest when they experience success, whether they are directly on his team or not. He can always be found lending a helping hand to others and is quick to find solutions or share from his own personal wealth of knowledge and experience.

Even through difficult times, Koki marches forward, never wavering in his belief in ARIIX and the products he is so passionate about. Because of this dedication, he acts as an integral link between corporate ARIIX and the Representative field. In January 2015, he achieved Chairperson Level 2 and was inducted into the Partners Council. It is only onward and upward for this rising ARIIX star.

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