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Success Story — Leslie Francis

Q: Tell us a little about your background and the path that led you to where you are now.
My home is in the central part of North Carolina, where I reside with my husband of 29 years and our two daughters. My work experience is mainly in administration. My life has carried me into many different aspects of administration including finance, hotel management, property management, retail and faith-based, to name a few. I have experimented with other network marketing companies in the past, but none with the opportunities and success rate that I was offered through ARIIX.

Q: How did you discover ARIIX?
I discovered ARIIX through a wellness program I participated in hosted by Steve Teglas. During this program, I fell in love with the products ARIIX has to offer. I quickly became aware of the way that I felt, which stirred in me a desire to want to share these products and this opportunity for health and wellness with others. My family is happier than ever knowing we are maintaining optimal health through the amazing products we have access to.

Q: How do you balance your ARIIX business with your busy life?
You must prioritize your time, and mine is more flexible now than it used to be. I live by faith and that, along with my family, always comes first. Our oldest daughter graduated from college and is now working in her profession outside the home. Our youngest daughter is still in college. This allows me more time to work on myself and my business. I list-make and calendar-plan daily. If I am able to keep those two things current, it helps our household flow better.

ARIIX Success Story — Leslie Francis

Q: Any success strategies you would like to share with our readers?
Learn to love people! It’s important to meet them where they are and listen to their wants and needs. For me, it is not about the next sale or the next big paycheck — it’s about helping people become healthier and creating opportunities for them, working with them to achieve their goals, not mine. I believe you will achieve your goals as you are helping others reach theirs. That is what I love most about this company: giving of yourself and your time helps everyone to achieve.

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