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Success Story — Mary DeLay

ARIIX Athletic Council Member

As a global family filled with exceptional people, we often find ourselves impressed by Representatives who distinguish themselves in a way that truly demonstrates the growth and vision possible when building an ARIIX business. Today, we’re excited to share the story of Mary DeLay, a former competitive tennis player and member of the ARIIX Athletic Council.

Q: Share with us your background – and how you found your way to the world of network marketing.

A: I found my way into the world of network marketing through Robert Allen. I had taken a 5-day class on investing in real estate around 1990 that was based on his book “Nothing Down.” In December of 1994, I received a letter from Bob inviting me to a meeting that next month. Because I knew he knew how to make money I attended, not knowing it was about network marketing. I immediately loved the idea of residual income and the compensation plan. The big bonus was that the company he was talking about sold nutritional supplements, an area I was already very interested in.

I have a passion for health and a deep interest in understanding how nutrition relates to health. After my career coaching tennis at the University of Washington and subsequently a few years later being inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame for my coaching achievements, I went on to play tennis competitively in national tournaments for some time. All of which ignited my passion for understanding nutrition and fitness and other aspects such as recovery.

I was introduced to ARIIX by a trusted friend in September of 2011 when we were both working with another company. She told me about a new company that had been started by people I’d known and liked from the industry. I knew this was unique and that I trusted the people who were founding the new company. I was a little concerned about some of the initial products and ingredients, and emailed Deanna Latson about it. I was impressed with the attention she gave me – and the products – and her assurances that they were focusing on the quality and purity both of the products and their approach to the business.

Q: What are some of your strategies for success?

A: I believe it is important to embrace the mission of ARIIX both business-wise and product-wise. One of my biggest strategies is to stay connected as much as you can, at all times. Be on the President’s calls, make attending all the events a priority and create connections with the people you meet. Participate in the training and follow a leader that has achieved what you want to achieve.

Finally, decide what’s important to you for your goals, then break them down into bite-size chunks and go for it! People tend to think that they are going to make huge amounts of money right away and get overwhelmed or discouraged when success doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why bite-size chunks are important, divide up your goals into doable tasks and keep at it.

Q: What made you decide to build your business with ARIIX?

A: The number one thing that stands out for me when it comes to ARIIX is the core values and integrity of the corporate leaders. Their vision of being a “disruptor” company modeling the highest standards in the industry, as well as the access I have to the corporate team, are also  reasons that helped my decision to not only join, but to make ARIIX my last company. Because of those characteristics, ARIIX is attracting an impressive group of major leaders in the industry. I love their brand strategy (a fresh and brilliant concept), all the different products and their philosophy of high quality without compromise, both for products and for giving representatives the ability to support health, the environment, and making everyone’s lives better overall.

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