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Success Story — Midori Miyazato

Determining which Representatives to honor with the esteemed Unleash Award is a difficult challenge, and one we take very seriously. We look for someone who is a strong role model and leads by example, helping others and giving back to their community in meaningful ways. Midori Miyazato is a natural fit for receiving this award, and we are delighted to honor her this year.

While Midori has worked diligently at her ARIIX business to achieve the level of Senior Officer, her most notable title is single mother of three. She has been leading by example her entire adult life, first with her children, and now at ARIIX. She has shared her passion for the ARIIX opportunity so successfully, in fact, that her son, Kazushi, is a newly advanced ARIIX CEO, while her daughter, Miria, recently achieved Senior Officer. ARIIX truly is a family business for Midori and her children.

Success Story — Midori Miyazato

Midori is always looking outside herself, her business and even her family, in order to give back to others. Since the age of 18, she has continually donated to a local foster care organization and contributed goods such as children’s clothes to those in need. From this deep well of generosity, Midori recently became a certified nursery and kindergarten teacher as well. She believes in the power of future generations and puts action behind her beliefs, which is one of the traits we most admire about her.

Calling Okinawa home, Midori has dedicated her life to improving the lives of those in her community. She is always improving and reinventing herself so she has more and more to give to others, and we could not be more proud to honor her with the 2017 Unleash Award.

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