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Success Story — Paulo Rebelo and Vera Santos

2016 European Premier Prosperity Award Winner and Enterprise Award Runner-up

Each year there are ARIIX Representatives who distinguish themselves in a way that truly demonstrates the growth and vision that is possible when Unleashing the Human Potential for Good. We’re excited to share the story of Paulo Rebelo and Vera Santos, winners of the ARIIX European Prosperity Elite Award Winner and runners-up for the Enterprise Elite Award.

We reached out to Paulo and Vera to share their strategies and “secrets” for reaching their dreams

Q: For those who don’t know your story, tell us a little about what you did before networking marketing, and how you made the transition.

A: I first participated in an MLM as I was finishing university. I did it the classic and “old” way of boring people with my opportunity. I only did that for one year, followed by the next few years of watching several companies and approaches, which I didn’t agree with. In my 20’s I invested $300,000 in a franchise only to live a nightmare for the next four years with monthly losses and hard-earned lessons in business. For my career, I was a program manager within a large multinational company. I coordinated teams around the world and was involved in product development and launch phases. Stress was very high. I wanted a change.

Paulo_2Then I found an announcement on the internet promoting a business and a juice that gave benefits supported by a fruit I’ve never heard of. My wife was a teacher, she was unhappy in her job and had health issues, so I thought she would make a good tester. As this was an MLM, I didn’t take much notice of the commission plan at the beginning. I simply knew that if I put products out I’d get a commission, and if my team consumed or sold a lot, I’d get a good value.

Two and half years later we were making 3x more income than our full-time jobs. We moved from Lisbon to Madrid, started a new, much bigger market, and then later moved to South America. We are very fortunate to now be in Asia as well, discovering new cultures which bring new challenges. We achieved freedom, we consider ourselves citizens of the world, and thanks to the freedom MLM offers, we are able to develop our business throughout various countries and continents.

Q: Are there any success strategies you can share with those who are just starting out?

A: I believe that the three keys to success are vision, focus and commitment. Any solid venture takes time to build. For those who come to MLM for the money and want it quick with no effort, I generally recommend they play the lottery. Taking the stairs is what makes one reach the top by reinforcing the muscles, which in MLM means good and continuous lead generation and assertive communication. Getting educated and educating a team is not something that is achieved during an elevator ride.

Consistency is also important. If you keep talking to a reasonable number of people, and improve during that process, there will be a cumulative effect, and the more likely it will become of truly finding quality business partners.

During that path, one must be prepared to be challenged on all our human dimensions – our weaknesses and strengths, temper, fears, resilience, tenacity, communication abilities, shame and pride, adapting and learning, ego, our mindset… and one must be prepared to be shaken on all.

By making good choices and moving forward, the result is a much nicer and comfortable place as compared to a typical job or other type of business building. Making an impact on people’s lives is something of great value, and we feel blessed to be allowed to make that slight difference, which can mean a lot.

Q: What drew you to ARIIX?

A: Higher product research and development (r&d) attracted us initially as well as the brand strategy. Then we noticed something more fundamental. Whereas most companies are set to benefit the owners and extract from the market, the “ARIIX way” is the most inclusive way I’ve seen in any company and in the MLM industry. The market leaders and Representatives are truly involved. This is key to continuous innovation and new breakthroughs. Members in the field have a voice through their market leaders, and truly have the power on key decisions. Thanks to the ARIIX Bill of Rights we are truly unique. With ARIIX we’re transforming the MLM industry from the middle ages to modern age.

Finally, we always think “How do we want to be remembered: As Takers or as Givers?”

Let ARIIX come to you and you give through ARIIX.

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