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Success Story — Steve Swartz

2016 Premier Enterprise and Premier Prosperity Award Winner


Recognized for his success in motivational speaking and ability to inspire countless people around the world, Steve Swartz is a business professional who knows how to create a life worth dreaming of. We reached out to Steve to share some of his story and secrets to his success.

Q: For those who don’t know your story, tell us a little about what you did before networking marketing, and how you made the transition.

A: After seven years active duty in the U.S. Army, I decided to get out as a Captain and faced that great question of “what do I do now?” I wanted to be my own boss, but struggled with finding the right way to accomplish that goal. I didn’t immediately find network marketing, but did dream of an independent lifestyle, so bought a mini-franchise for $6,500 in my attempt to be my own boss. It didn’t work out. I spent $5,000 on vending machines in a failed attempt to create my own cash flow. After that I dabbled in real estate investing, the stock market, and coaching football. It was a definite “all passion, no paycheck” phase, and my wife, Myrna, was very unimpressed.

Like most people I had bills to pay! So I got a job as an operations supervisor at Dell Computer and taught Officer Candidate School for The Texas National Guard, creating an extra income source doing what I knew. Right before I got started at Dell I answered an ad in a book about creating a residual income stream, I discovered network marketing, started my own home-based business and literally went from zero to over $1 million in the next 5 years. Since 2003, I’ve been full-time in network marketing.


Q: Are there any success strategies you can share with those who are just starting out?

A: First, you need to have a winning attitude.  In network marketing everyone calls it mindset.  Call it whatever you want, but you have to have a make-it-happen attitude. You have to believe that you will figure it out no matter what it takes.  I had that from my football and military background.  Leaders are not quitters. Leaders find a way to make it happen.  Leaders solve problems. Bottom line is you have to make it happen.  No excuses.

Leaders are also learners.  Leaders are quick studies and we implement fast.  We all make mistakes… we just don’t keep making the same mistakes… that is just lazy.  So I found, just like anything, you need to learn a few skills like finding prospects, inviting them, presenting to them, following up until they buy the products or join, and training them on what to do.

Don’t reinvent the wheel — learn from those who have achieved the success you want. It’s also important to be focused on your goals and avoid the “weapons of mass distraction” that are waiting to ambush you on a daily basis.  Do what makes money.  Finding customers and reps and helping others do the same.  And get on the phone! Today too many people are hiding behind their text messages and Facebook updates. Keep it simple and DO THE WORK!

The first person you lead is YOURSELF (by doing the work), then you find really good people and you spend time with them and get them over their hurdles and help them be successful.  Whether that is telling them exactly what to do, or just lending your support and friendship.  But bottom line, in network marketing the greatest asset you have is the relationships you build with your team leaders. So focus on that.

Never give up! There are no network marketing failures.  There are network marketing quitters.  Don’t be one of the quitters. Everyone struggles, it’s part of the journey.  Just know you can do it! And go make it happen!


Q: What drew you to ARIIX?

A: I am close friends with Tim Sales and the fact that he was coming out of retirement to build a business again and to be able to match that up with the amazing experienced owners of ARIIX, well, I knew we had a winning team. This was something no one had ever seen before. I knew the company was built on a solid foundation. Some companies look all fancy right out of the gate, but then they are no longer around a few years later because their leadership from the corporate-side is lacking.

I also liked the idea that I might be able to become a Founder and get part-ownership from The Founders Club. I felt like I was in front of something no one had ever seen before, and now having been here since the beginning, I know we created something special. We created a company that is disrupting the network marketing profession.  There are a lot of companies in the industry but there is only one ARIIX.  No other company touches our product quality, no other company touches our brand strategy, no other company touches our compensation plan, and finally no other company touches our policies and procedures. There are many other reasons but these alone make ARIIX THE opportunity of our lifetime!

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