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Success Story — Sung, SongHee

SongHee divides her life story into two parts: before ARIIX and after ARIIX. As a 46-year-old wife and mother, she was first introduced to the ARIIX products. She began to notice a difference in the way she looked and felt. And as she began to feel better, she was encouraged to pursue greater health goals. Today, at 49 years young, SongHee has dramatically transformed her life.

It is SongHee’s goal to share the life-changing ARIIX products and opportunity with others, helping them to experience their own transformations. She can sympathize well with anyone who has experienced hard times, and wishes to offer hope and a step in the right direction. It gives her great joy to see the people around her make healthful choices, gain energy, and improve their economic stability.

In her health salon shop, SongHee encourages her customers to de-stress, detoxify and supplement their diets. She shares the benefits of Moa and Vináli, and has been able to easily incorporate the products into her business. SongHee enjoys more time to relax, more self-confidence and more self-initiative as she grows in personal development and develops her skills as an entrepreneur.

Her goal is to achieve the highlight of ARIIX by becoming Chairperson and a Founders Club Member as well. She is getting closer and closer to her dreams every day while working toward everyone’s health and happiness.

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